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No one can possibly predict what is in store for you and your health in the future. So we all have to be financially prepared in case of any health emergencies or problems, and the most basic element of being prepared for any medical needs is by purchasing a medical health insurance. Obviously if you stay fit and healthy you will not be faced with sudden financial pressure. But if you are sick or injured, you need to make sure that you have the financial capability to seek the best medical attention possible. For the above reason, health insurance is a must. It gives you the confidence and peace of mind for whatever the future may hold. You may recognize the usefulness of a .prehensive medical insurance, yet may be extremely confused about the quality of the various medical insurance products. It is important that you .pare and evaluate the quality of medical insurance products in order to help you make an informed decision. First of all, do not assume beforehand that the medical insurance policy you have subscribed to provides you with the best services and health care. Just as the quality of health care varies with doctors and hospitals, every medical insurance policy differs in terms of quality for various reasons. In order to help you .pare and evaluate the various medical health insurance plans, the ‘measure’ can be used to judge the quality of any health care plan. There are two major .ponents of the quality measure that helps you decide whether your health care plan is of a good quality. These two factors are: * Consumer ratings – Consumer rating refers to the assessment of the health care from the consumer’s point of view. * Clinical performance measures – The clinical performance measure refers to the extent of the health care organization’s success in preventing and treating illnesses and disease. The data used to .pile these quality measures for medical insurance .e from various resources: * Quality Reports – These reports include consumer ratings or clinical performance measures, or both. This is a document which highlights the issues that help you identify the best plan for yourself. It however does not tell you which plan is better or worse. * Accreditation Reports – This report is specifically meant to help the consumers find out information about their health plans, hospitals, and nursing homes. To earn accreditation, the health care .anizations have to undergo the scrutiny of stringent national standards. Thus accreditation translates into a seal of approval and the medical plan that includes accredited health care .anizations can be trusted. 相关的主题文章: