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Small Business Owning a bed & breakfast means you have the chance to operate a wonderful business. While you definitely need to offer excellent prices, customer service, and great food, you will also need to pay attention to how you decorate your bed & breakfast. People are going to pay attention to how the outside of it looks when they drive by. If they are looking at your bed & breakfast online they will take the time to review the pictures of both the inside and the outside of it. Not all bed & breakfast locations appear to be fun and inviting. This is a major mistake that is often made in this type of business. The owner’s spend time focusing on getting the food ready, the hospitality, and then no one is coming to stay with them. If you aren’t getting as many guests as you would like, take an honest look at the outside of your business. Is the paint peeling? Is the yard well maintained? What focal points do you have to offer? There are plenty of things you can incorporate to the front of your bed & breakfast to make it enticing for guests. These things aren’t going to cost you very much to implement either. For example you can decorate the porch with some tables and chairs for them to relax in. You can offer a yard full of green grass or a terrific landscaping design. Try to grow some colorful flowers in the front of your bed & breakfast. Almost everyone really likes the look and the smell of fresh flowers. This will also give you a great supply of them to cut and display in the bed & breakfast regularly. It also allows you to add personal touches to your bed & breakfast that your customers will really enjoy. After you have gotten them to take notice of the outside of the bed & breakfast, they need to be ready to look at the inside of it. Offer some nice pieces of furniture and decorations on the walls and tables. You do want to offer plenty of open space too so limit what you place inside of it. Any pictures or designs on your wall need to be attractive for a variety of different people that will be coming to stay at your bed & breakfast. You may be surprised at home much influence a set of curtains can have for any room in your bed & breakfast. Try out various types until you find the right look that will soften up the room and make it look very inviting. If they are sheer, offer a blind or a pull down shade for privacy as well. Decorating your bed & breakfast doesn’t have to be expensive. Be creative with your ideas and offer some subtle displays that are attractive but not over done. You also don’t want to have too many breakables out or your guests will be worried about damaging something instead of being able to completely relax. Feel free to express your own ideas with your bed & breakfast. However, you need to make sure they are going to be a hit with potential guests. When they drive by and look at it, they need to want to see the rest of what you have to offer. As they are looking at the pictures online of the bed & breakfast, they need to feel like it is somewhere they would gladly spend their time while in the area. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: