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Families in Frisco, Plano and Little Elm have always wanted a medical center that goes above and beyond in addressing their medical needs with a customized approach. Legacy ER & Urgent Care is a medical clinic in Frisco that provides exceptional care with minimal to no wait times. Their streamlined services help patients receive the medical attention they deserve, in a timely manner, while maintaining the highest level of service. There are many reasons to choose Legacy ER & Urgent Cares medical clinic in Frisco including treating all pediatric and adult minor and major medical emergencies, all in one location, coupled with providing high level of customer service in a soothing environment with little to no wait times. These features have made Legacy ER & Urgent Care the #1 choice for families in Frisco, Plano, Little Elm and other surrounding areas. The Benefits of Legacy ER & Urgent Care 1. Urgent Care + Emergency Room, all in one Center Legacy ER & Urgent Care offers a full service, freestanding emergency room and a leading-edge urgent care center, all in one central Frisco location. Patients appreciate that they can visit Legacy ER & Urgent Care regardless of what medical concern they have. Their team cares for a wide variety of medical issues from small conditions such as sore throats and ear aches to major life threatening emergencies such as stabilizing a heart attack. Legacy ER & Urgent Care is also equipped with an on-site laboratory and all-digital radiology suite for faster diagnosis and treatment. Legacy ER & Urgent Care also offers emergency Lap Band unfill services, emergency prescription refills and accepts workers compensation cases. The range of medical conditions that Legacy ER & Urgent Care treats include but are not limited to: Accidental poisoning Appendicitis Asthma and breathing problems Broken Bones Bronchitis Chest pain, heart attack or palpitations Cold and flu symptoms Concussions Dehydration Ear pain Lacerations Minor asthma Minor and major injuries Pink eye Poison ivy Rash Major wounds and bleeding Pneumonia Serious abdominal pain Severe back pain This range of services makes Legacy ER & Urgent Care the go-to clinic for the entire family, regardless of the seriousness of the medical concern. 1. Customer Service Oriented Legacy ER & Urgent Care core values are to deliver outstanding emergency room and urgent care services to the community combined with a high level of customer service, comfort and privacy. Their main goal is to exceed each and every patients expectations on every aspect of their experience at Legacy ER & Urgent Care. They are sensitive to your financial needs as well. They offer significant cost savings compared with hospital-based emergency rooms, due to their streamlined services, facility, and processes. They will assist you with insurance filing and work with you to minimize your out-of-pocket costs. Legacy ER & Urgent Care puts your health and comfort first. They strive to be more patient focus, not only the wait time is shorter, but this concern for patient care and cost savings was the key for starting Legacy ER & Urgent Care. 2. Little to no wait You’ll spend far less time at Legacy ER & Urgent Care than at a hospital ER or another urgent care clinic. No more time spent in an uncomfortable, chaotic waiting room, or sitting hour upon hour while nothing happens. At Legacy ER & Urgent Care, expect to be seen, treated, and released in less than an hour. Not only are you seen within minutes when you arrive at Legacy ER & Urgent Care, they also provide the longest hours out of all other medical clinics in the area, making it very convenient for the community. Legacy ER & Urgent Care is currently open from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., 7 days a week, and they will be open 24 hours starting August 1st, 2012. More information about Legacy ER & Urgent Care can be found in their website at .LegacyER… If you seek exceptional medical care for you and your family, please visit their medical clinic in Frisco, located at 9205 Legacy Drive at Main Street. 相关的主题文章: