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UnCategorized Visiting Amelia Island on your next Florida beach vacation provides a great opportunity to enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer. Whether you choose hiking to get closer to nature or golfing for a fun challenge with friends, you’ll find plenty to do all over Amelia Island. Nature tours, gorgeous scenery, river cruises, and more wait to delight vacationers looking to relax and have a great time. Regardless of what style of getaway you enjoy, this beautiful beach has something for everyone. The Perfect Florida Beach Vacation For Romantic Travelers Just imagine the excitement of exploring the waterways while enjoying a cool drink on the deck of one of the local cruise ships. This type of Florida beach vacation is relaxation at its finest. Get a feel for the rich history and culture of this area by taking a guided tour of the backwaters, Cumberland Island, the Lighthouse, and Egan’s Creek. Enjoy even more of the area’s history by spending some time in nearby St. Mary’s, Georgia. This kind of vacation calls for a visit to the beach. As you walk along the sand, you’ll enjoy the calming sound of the waves as they gently lap against the shore. You can even enjoy getting sand in between your toes as you explore the beach for sharks teeth, seashells, and other ocean treasures. There’s Plenty For Sports Enthusiasts On Amelia Island If you enjoy sports and sporting opportunities, you’ll enjoy this Florida beach vacation. You can head out for adventure along the flats of Amelia Island for an unforgettable fishing trip as you troll for redfish, spotted sea trout, ladyfish, and sharks. If golf is your passion, you’re in luck because this area boasts world class courses overlooking the water and beautiful surroundings. With designs collaborated on by famous landscapers and professional golfers, these courses offer challenges to experienced golfers while providing a fun opportunity for those who just want to give golfing a try. For Those Who Want To Get Active If your idea of a vacation is being active, Amelia Island also has plenty to offer you, including the area’s famous kayaking tour. You’ll enjoy the wild side of these waterways and shoreline while getting a great workout through kayaking. This is the perfect way to see the gorgeous scenery of the area from a .pletely different angle. Hiking the region is always an exciting adventure. You’ll see the wildlife and nature few others see by hiking the untraveled backcountry. If you’d prefer a more leisurely stroll, you can walk the trails or take a guided tour through much of the area. You’ll learn about the native plants and animals while getting in plenty of exercise. If you’re looking for a Florida beach vacation that offers something for everyone, consider Amelia Island. With everything from activities to sports and romance to offer, this could just be the vacation you’ve always wanted. Whether you plan a schedule of activities or play it by ear, you’ll find that this area is sure to delight. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: