6 overseas innovation and entrepreneurship final project settled in Chengdu, up to a maximum of 1 mi-dachiyouxiang

6 overseas innovative final project in Chengdu will be awarded the highest 1 million start zhongxinwangzhongxinwang Funds – in September 19 Chengdu Xinhua (Liu Yanjun Liu Ting) University of Cambridge, brought publicity to fill the gaps in the domestic diagnostic reagent market "portable and wearable detection instrument; University of Southern California Dr. Wang Chi developed the agricultural modernization high-tech project" easy Gengyun "Imperial College of science and engineering; Dr. Wu Chao developed the mobile position system based on message"…… 19, 2009, China (Chengdu) overseas talent innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Contest Awards held in Chengdu, the project settled on the scene to determine the 6 in the end of the year, the results show that the number of projects in the world, the number of projects in the world. According to reports, most of these projects have been applied for patents, and some have entered the prototype testing phase of the product, so that the Chengdu overseas talent innovation and entrepreneurship competition. The contest organizers, this competition is no prize money, if a project will settled in Chengdu, will be related to start-up funding: 123 award items were 1 million yuan, 800 thousand yuan, 500 thousand yuan. Since the start of competition attracted 166 global participation, through layers of selection, 30 projects into the finals, culminating in a new generation of information technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, high-end equipment manufacturing and new energy and materials in three fields lead the winners. "Chengdu good innovation environment is more and more overseas innovative high-tech zones recognized a person of noble aspirations, the launch of the policy venture, also very attractive." Participating in the final project, the applicant Liu Jiang brings lymphatic targeted chemotherapy technology is an international original project, the next step, he will seek landing opportunities in Chengdu, the development of drugs for colon cancer. It is reported that the 30 finalists on behalf of the development of science and technology in the world today is the forefront of relevant fields. Among them, 13 projects from the United States, the other 17 projects are from Germany, Singapore, Belgium, Canada and other countries, including 3 non Chinese players. According to the relevant person in charge, the final project overall level is higher, from the composition of the project team members, are basically young, much at the world’s elite, participate in the final of the 30 project has 1/3 expressed willingness to settle down. "The team and to attract high level overseas talents of innovation and entrepreneurship, promote more high-tech projects in Chengdu, will boost the construction of the National Center of Chengdu city and has the international influence of regional innovation and entrepreneurship center." Chengdu municipal Party committee secretary Tang Liangzhi said. "We are very keen to introduce a large number of original projects through this kind of innovation and entrepreneurship competition to build Chengdu into a real" Silicon Valley "." China Association for science and Technology Association turtle business alliance chairman Ma Qiyuan said that after the foreigners come to Chengdu not just to see the pandas, more is to be able to be high-tech products and innovative projects to Chengdu to hatch. (end)相关的主题文章: