Organizational Culture…a Hidden Secret For Serious Leaders And Courageous Souls Stuck In Energy Dr-追踪309

Before you utter a single syllable or write a single word in your attempt to change your organizational culture, you want to hone your skills identifying the wound which is robbing your people from joy. The skill you’re ravenous for is found in the brilliance of the sage, curious, wise doctor, with the bedside manner of your best friend…so worried that her friend is tortured with hurt. You’re looking for the wound… that is crippling your employees, like a deadly virus, ravaging the lives of sobbing heart broken men, women and children. ….Look for the Wound… There is a wound…somewhere. Find it…because you must know the source of the pain. …Spartacus Blood and Sand is a great movie with the intrigue hinged on… "look for the wound." The movie series depicts early Roman times of Gladiators, slaves and Roman masters. The story is riveting…at least for me…with intrigue, deception, and surprises. The Gladiator scenes are bloody with scenes of Roman lust, depicting the behavior of the times. The hero, Spartacus, is ripped from his wife, Sura, in a bloody and murderous war with Rome. Enslaved, Spartacus endures a tortuous journey under the deceptive eyes of his master, Batiatus. The story unfolds with Spartacus, haunted by the death of his love, Sura, discovers a single thread of evidence which lights his path to truth. The deception…. Batiatus had Sura killed, under with a false story of bandits…and all hinged on the wound of Sura’s protector, Batiatus’s brute. All is made clear…when guiding spirits of Sura and Varro…implored Spartacus to "look for the wound." If no wound, then truth yet still eludes you. You must find the wound…if you’re to find the pain so that healing can begin. The unrelenting power of your curiosity should pull you into finding the wound in your culture. The sheer work and honesty in finding the wound will clear the smoke and fog which disguises the pain. You don’t have to understand medicine or psychology to clear the fog. The mostly overlooked art of figuring this out…and earning the trust of your employees…and understanding your employee’s pain…is to find an event or series of events which ripped and tore at the feelings of employees. It’s that simple and basic…you must find the wound which caused the pain so that you can develop an honest story of what has happened which caused the pain. Here’s why…like the doctor, your diagnosis is often easier with the graphics of a wound. You can see the point of entry….perhaps it’s a blow-up by management, belittling an employee…or job layoffs…or policies which take away from employees…or policies which create an an aura of superiority of leadership. Here’s the catch. This is hard work, because it’s not economical…like profits, sales or operating expense rate. But this work is EVEN more critical, if you believe people will solve the problems. Don’t be the guy who violates this basic fundamental of human behavior. Do the simple stuff first. Try these… 1. Develop a list of the policy and economic changes over the past 3 years in the company…which felt like painful to employees. 2. If you were the most affected employee, how would you feel? 3. What is missing for your culture to "rock" with the energy and elegance of a couple gliding across the dance floor at their wedding? Look for the wound…and then follow the pain. 相关的主题文章: