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Golf The game of golf as we know today was originally played in Scotland. The game of Golf in India was introduced by the British in India at around 1820s. The Royal Calcutta Golf Club was first Golf Club to be established in India in the year 1829 and is the oldest golf club in India as well as the first club to be established outside Great Britain. The British rule in India gave great impetus for the formation of new golf clubs in India. The now defunct Royal Bombay Golf Club was established in 1842 followed by the Bangalore Golf Club in 1876. The Shillong Golf Club incorporated a golf course in 1886. Today golf in India is played almost anywhere by a wide section of people right from the foothills of Himalaya to metropolitan cities and small towns surrounded by forests, lakes, tea estates, deserts and in the cantonment areas. As the years went by, Indian golfers have time and again delivered good performance both in the domestic and international events as well. In the domestic scenario, Golf in India is organized in a highly professional manner. All these efforts have given due recognition of golf in India both in the domestic sector as well as in the international sector. The first impetus to Indian Golf was started by Ali Sher whose memorable performance in the Indian Open still remains in the memories of all golf lovers in India. This was followed by the breaking of grounds by young Indian golfers in the international field as well. Credit for the recognition of Golf in India largely goes to the Indian Golf Union (IGU) which is the administrative body for the management and promotion of Golf in India. The Indian Golf Union was established in 1955. Since then the standard of the game in India has made remarkable improvement. This was largely possible due to the earnest efforts of the Indian Golf Union. In 1995, a separate body for golf named as the Professional Golfers Association of India (PGAI) was established. Since then Indian golf is being played in accordance with the International standards. Some famous and established Indian golfers are Ali Sher, Arjun Atwal, Gaurav Ghei, Jeev Milkha Singh,Jyoti Randhawa, Shiv Kapur About the Author: 相关的主题文章: