Ningbo fruit powder hot bright black iphone7plus still can not buy the price doubled-naughty怎么读

Ningbo fruit powder hot bright black iPhone7Plus double the price to buy is still data with iPhone7 and 7Plus officially launched sales, fruit powder enthusiasm was ignited again. However, the reporter learned from the digital market yesterday, in addition to bright black 7Plus hard to find, other colors of iPhone7 sales did not imagine good, the price is relatively stable. Reporter Mao Leijun bright black model basically no goods reporter learned from the market, iPhone7 and 7Plus sell the best black model. Because before has not introduced a black color, so the maximum capacity of the 256G models listed, it is out of stock status. Yesterday, reporters in Tianyi Plaza, an Apple authorized dealers see, other colors of the models are displayed, but the lack of bright black models, there are only one reason – no goods. Sales staff said that due to capacity reasons, the new launch of black phones have been in short supply, and 256G bright black 7Plus is more difficult to find a machine. Now the price of the store is 18000 yuan, compared to the apple official website of 7988 yuan price more than doubled, but still out of stock. If you want to buy now, you have to pay the deposit first, and then wait. As long as they wait, the sales staff say they don’t know. It’s estimated that it will take at least 2 months. And reporters in Apple official website query, 256G bright black 7Plus, if you book now, the fastest delivery also have to wait until November. Specializes in digital product marketing Ningbo Shanghai tide play studio responsible person Mr. Nie told reporters, before Apple tyrant gold, rose gold color models also caused a berserk, but this is all black models and still cannot be mention in the same breath. Before, whether it is tyrant gold or rose gold, there are some gender differences. The majority of men will choose tyrant gold, and women will choose rose gold. But now black, especially bright black type men and women take all, so the demand is much larger, and this is also the pursuit of personality reflected." The reporter learned from the digital market, the shopkeeper said, in addition to black models sold out of stock, other colors such as iPhone7 sales of silver and gold and rose gold did not imagine good, the price is relatively stable. For example, rose golden 32GiPhone7, the official website price of 5388 yuan, and the authorized dealer price is 5688 yuan, only 300 yuan difference, and there are spots. Mr. Nie said, from the national perspective, the average price of iPhone7 and 7Plus in Ningbo market is lower than the national level, lower than Hangzhou. He said, the same 256G bright black 7Plus, in the Hangzhou market to sell more than 20000 yuan. Waterproof function is very attractive, many people try to buy a new iPhone7, the fancy is its new launch of the powerful waterproof function. "Although officially claimed to be available for half an hour in normal water, it has been tested for up to 2 hours without any problems. So, in general, you don’t need a waterproof jacket. The love of the early adopters of the year.

宁波果粉热捧亮黑iPhone7Plus 价格翻倍仍买不到 资料图   随着iPhone7和7Plus正式上线销售,果粉的热情再次被点燃。不过,记者昨天从数码市场了解到,除了亮黑色7Plus一机难求外,其他颜色的iPhone7销售情况并没有想象中好,价格也比较平稳。   记者毛雷君   亮黑色机型基本无货   记者从市场上了解到,iPhone7和7Plus卖得最好的是黑色机型。因为之前没有推出过全黑颜色,所以目前最大容量的256G机型一上市,就处于断货状态。昨天,记者在天一广场一家苹果授权经销商处看到,其他颜色的机型都有展示,唯独缺少亮黑色的机型,原因只有一个―――没货。销售人员说,由于产能原因,全新推出的黑色款手机一直处于缺货状态,而256G的亮黑色7Plus则更是一机难求。现在店里的标价是18000元人民币,比起苹果官网的7988元人民币标价要翻一倍多,可还是缺货。如果现在要买,就只有先交定金,然后等待。至于要等多久,销售人员表示他们也不知道。据估计,起码要2个月。而记者在苹果官网查询,256G的亮黑色7Plus,如果现在预订,最快发货也要等到11月份。   专门从事数码产品营销的宁波海派潮玩工作室负责人聂先生向记者表示,之前苹果推出的土豪金、玫瑰金等颜色机型也引起过疯抢,但和这次的全黑机型比还是不可同日而语。“之前不管是土豪金还是玫瑰金,多少还有点性别差异。一般男士多会选土豪金,而女士多会选择玫瑰金。但现在的黑色,尤其是亮黑色机型男女通吃,所以需求量就大了很多,这也是大家追求个性的体现。”   记者从数码市场了解到,有店主表示,除了黑色机型卖断货之外,其他颜色如银色、金色和玫瑰金色的iPhone7销售情况没有想象中好,价格也比较平稳。比如玫瑰金色的32GiPhone7,官网售价5388元,而授权经销商的标价是5688元,只有300元差价,而且有现货。   聂先生表示,从全国范围来看,宁波市场上的iPhone7和7Plus的平均价格低于全国水平,比杭州也要低。他介绍,同样的256G亮黑色7Plus,在杭州市场上要卖到20000元以上。   防水功能很吸引人   很多人尝试买新的iPhone7看中的是其新推出的强悍的防水功能。“虽然官方宣称可以在常温的水中正常使用半小时,但有人测试过,最多可以用2小时而不发生问题。所以,一般情况下就不需要防水套了。这对喜欢尝鲜的年轻人具有很大诱惑力,将会有更多人尝试水下拍摄。”聂先生也表示,因为苹果官方对进水而产生的问题是不保修的,所以他强烈建议大家要按照苹果官方的标准进行使用。   此外,新推出的无线耳机AirPods,由于不是标配,官方售价高达1288元人民币,而且目前官网上还处于暂无供应的状况,最早要在10月下旬推出。要想体验的果粉们,最起码还要等上一个月。相关的主题文章: