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Chinese 10 years the best defender at the age of 36 can still with foreign aid scoring veteran Liu Wei today the excellent state of sina sports news Beijing time on October 29th, the 2016-2017 CBA season opened the curtain, the opener of the Sichuan men’s basketball team and Beikong men’s basketball team, the Sichuan team to the final home court battle 110-89 win Beikong men’s basketball team. A major part of this game is this summer to join the Sichuan team veteran Liu Wei, already 36 years old, he can leave with Deng Dortmund to leave the vacancy? From today’s game, Liu Wei’s performance is not inferior to foreign aid, he scored 14 points in the game with 6 rebounds and 5 assists. Liu Wei in the first quarter of the game staged and Mike Room scoring. Liu Wei for the Sichuan men’s basketball team got the first points in the first section of the game has just played 2 minutes, the Sichuan team in 24 seconds when the occasion is still can not find the opportunity to attack the ball, back to the station in three from the hands of Liu Wei, he faced Mike Room marker first step, along with a a less formal fadeaway action will be divided into three shots. This slightly mysterious buzzer let Liu Wei find the game tonight feeling, just 2 minutes later, he grabbed offensive rebounds after hit the vote, Sichuan added two points. When Liu Wei grabbed offensive rebounds around him no defense, Beikong players don’t think Liu Wei is so can rebounds. He started to create more opportunities for his teammates when he started to strengthen his personal attack on Liu Wei. Hadadi came off the bench in the down soon received Liu Wei pass after layup, many netizens joked Liu Wei got the ball to Yao Ming feeling. The first section of the game, Liu Wei scored 7 points, 1 rebounds and assists, and the game to get the 44 points in the first quarter of the Mike Room, but also get a score of 7 points and 1 rebounds. After a brief period of silence after the second quarter, the third quarter Liu Wei once again put his teammates, he let Zhang Chunjun outside easily hit three points, let Harris and Hadadi inside themselves, their break 2+1 is to let Yang Jian call Liu Wei CCTV commentary now still Chinese top guards. Sichuan team relies on the third quarter of this wave of scoring, laid the trend of the game, and ultimately easy to win. Before the two season, Liu Wei left the field are 10.5 points and 3.1 assists in the Xinjiang team, the performance is pretty good, but in the eyes of the Xinjiang team and let him ahead of the expected led some of the gap. But the Xinjiang team would rather let Wang Zirui and xirelijiang and Luo Xudong to form a new season’s guard lineup, with Liu Wei. It reveals the feeling he Lian Po mean. But was born in 1980, is the age of the CBA in the domestic player Liu Wei in second after joining Sichuan with only one game shows their good form, and he and the other players in the Sichuan team coach Yang Xuezeng is also very good, very letter to him, always will be suspended he alone aside and said a few words, I hope Liu Wei can be his intention to take. After the end of the game, in an interview on the sidelines of Liu Wei also seemed quite)相关的主题文章: