In early January in Nanning for the training of foot Chinese cup focuses on new sports – Sohu-特命战队go busters

In early January in Nanning for the training of foot Chinese cup focuses on new sports Sohu –   in the night before the home court and Qatar team 0 – 0 draw, China team alive preliminaries 12 match situation more and more. However, the probability of national foot out of the line is greater than the odds, the Chinese Football Association and Lippi have pre judgment. China Football Association had signed Lippi, in addition to he led the national football in the 12 finals, but in fact he is shouldering the Chinese football Guozihao team "chief designer" of the task. In the end of the preliminary rounds, Lippi will focus on the upgrading of the country foot, and now you need to plan in advance. Although he served as U22 coach of the national team is not realistic, but in order to ensure the smooth transition of old and new players, he is likely to send the assistant directly involved in coaching in the reserve team. Countries need to start the timely replacement of the Chinese team and the team third Uzbekistan team has been poor in the number of points in the circle of many people seem to have been impossible to complete the task of the 7. In the card, the 36 year old captain Zheng Zhihe Feng Xiaoting and other old players feel lost, because for them, if the country is not enough to qualify, the 12 race is probably their national team at a major tournament curtain call. As a world-class coach, Lippi is also very clear the team’s prospects, accepted the invitation Chinese Football Association, Lippi said, does not ensure that lead the impact of success, his task is to help the team Chinese restore confidence, hit a satisfactory match. In addition to Lippi the next team finished 12 strong match race, is more important in the long-term construction of the national team in the men’s football team. In China, the card before the press conference, Lippi also left, if the country can not qualify, we will prepare for the next Asian cup. According to insiders revealed that, in accordance with the agreement, Lippi will play the important role of the Chinese men’s soccer chief designer in the next coaching work, he needs to start the replacement of the national team in a timely manner. If Zheng Zhi, Feng Xiaoting, Hao Junmin, Gao Lin and other veterans in the 12 strong match out of national team, the Lippi team must dig out the plasticity of the new additions to the team, so the "silver fox" line of sight will gradually spread to the U22 national team, the youth national team and super team. China by the National Football Cup played yesterday, U22 national team will replace the Orangemen in early January in Guangxi held in Nanning Chinese Cup tournament, because "Lippi does not want players to bear the risk of injuries", but that is not the case. China cup is sponsored by Wanda Group, the Chinese Football Association hosted a high standard international football tournament. From Europe Croatia, Iceland and South America of the Chilean team have to confirm the launch of this event, is to increase the security of some quality real opportunities to Chinese team, Chinese Football Association to FIFA application will match to international A-class tournament. But a real problem cannot be bypassed, that is the competition in the first half of January, in the top five leagues in Croatia, Chile, the team’s star competition in China is very difficult, but also not in the Chinese Cup season FIFA international match day of the column, so the strength of the 3 teams facing discount. According to insiders, blush相关的主题文章: