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Active immunization against recurrent abortion say "no" – Sohu health Liu Xiangyuan position: Director of Rheumatology No.3 Hospital of Beijing University doctor good disease: diagnosis and treatment of early rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus etc.. Interview: moderator continued: Hello, welcome to the "famous doctor hall". Recurrent abortion for women is a nightmare, it also let the whole family into tension, the atmosphere of pain, the recurrence of abortion can be prevented? Encountered such problems, how should we seek medical treatment? Today we are especially pleased to have the director Liu Xiangyuan professor of Rheumatology No.3 Hospital of Peking University to "medical hall" program, to explain the related knowledge about recurrent miscarriage immunotherapy. Director Liu: Hello, welcome to the "famous doctor hall" program. Liu Xiangyuan: Hello, everybody. Moderator continued: Director Liu, I would like to ask you, what is the difference between recurrent miscarriage and our common abortion? Liu Xiangyuan: recurrent abortion must be emphasized that recurrence, recurrence refers to two or more than two times of spontaneous abortion, and if the same spouse continuous occurrence of more than two or more miscarriages. Recurrent abortion, it is divided into early and late, the early words is less than 12 weeks of pregnancy abortion. Moderator continued: that is less than three months. Liu Xiangyuan: within three months. Moderator continued: people say that this time is the most dangerous time. Liu Xiangyuan: Yes, a late miscarriage is 12 weeks of gestation and 28 weeks. Moderator continued: this period of abortion. Liu Xiangyuan: right. Moderator: continued that many people like me are very strange, the abortion, I went to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, today, please tell the recurrent abortion, you may not know why, rheumatology is how to treat abortion? Liu Xiangyuan: This is your question very well, because not only are you, as well as the national counterparts doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, reproductive doctors do not know, do not even know, that is why look at the Department of rheumatology? Moderator continued: yes. Liu Xiangyuan: because of recurrent miscarriage it happens too many reasons, of which the most reason is ranked in the top two is the immune problem and coagulation problems. Moderator: immune and coagulation problems. Liu Xiangyuan: right. Coagulopathy, last year they made more than 1 thousand and 700 cases in Shanghai Renji Hospital, a study, a recurrent miscarriage is found, autoimmune and coagulation state, is both a total ascorbic acid, accounting for all the people, all the people around 50%, so it is very very much. Moderator: the immune and blood clotting should go to the Department of rheumatism? Liu Xiangyuan: this kind of question is to go to the Department of Rheumatology, of course, there are other issues, what are the problems? There are some endocrine, hyperthyroidism, potash, diabetes, insulin resistance, and polycystic ovary, and high density in the Department of Endocrinology can see, there are some genital deformities, like double.相关的主题文章: