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Brother wars! Curry single 0 points. 116 seconds 9 adorable God Dallas – Sohu escapement sports > > data record survey shot point hot friends Beijing time on November 10th, the NBA regular season fighting 11 games, the Jinzhou warriors home court to 116-95 easily beat the mavericks. The first section for curry did not score but with brotherly affection, brother Seth – Curitiba continuously resorted Shazhao, which led to the "Adorable God" paratelum resorted to the killer. Perhaps a 13 three pointers too crazy, with light "Adorable God" feeling; or, the repository of brother Seth – Curitiba for brotherly affection. In a word, no desire to attack Curitiba first 8 minutes, only a three point shooting, but did not hit. The first section Curitiba accounted for 0 minute and an objective factors, that Thompson finally found the feeling, especially the three broke up feeling. The first section, "God of God," the first 7 shots hit, including a record three points in the ball 4. Since his teammates feel hot, so the library nature is well for the team to do the wedding dress, he will give Thompson a chance to shoot, this is why the first section did not desire to attack the curitiba. In the second quarter, Curitiba finally opened personal attack mode, in the face of brother Seth – Curitiba’s personal defense, "Adorable God" easily hit 3 points, and the single hit two three pointers, one off the 10 points, also sent 3 assists. Because leading more than 30 points, which leads to the offensive end Warriors team became more relaxed and not smooth, Curitiba, start the third quarter phase because of discomfort when running shoes, was limping, then "Adorable God" active request to suspend the end to adjust the shoes and bandages. It is because of the next adjustment period Curitiba shoes, the Mavericks made a small wave of high tide, poor will be close to 20 minutes, which is the key to Mr. brother — Seth – curitiba. "Adorable God" re debut, facing the brother’s defense, Curitiba once again forced investment hit three points, but the face of his brother’s step by step, obvious advantage to my brother. After a "Adorable God" roll break to pass under the basket in the process, to determine the brother brother’s intentions, successfully steals fast break layup. In section third, Curitiba only accounted for 5 minute, but "Adorable God" but because the press brother appeared two times, and his brother Seth curry led the Mavericks will reduce the difference to 15 minutes, this is the brother of lovemaking and hit his face. Since the first brother sword, so brother Stephen certainly cannot recognize counsels. The last section took only 116 seconds, Curitiba jump stop, foul free throws, plus a record three points, "Adorable God" easily scored 9 points, 18 points will be widened. With the difference back to more than 20 points, and the time There is not much left. team with the ultimate warrior, "Adorable God" moment of force, easily beat the Mavericks, won the victory of the war brothers. (Luan Taiwan)相关的主题文章: