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Fuzhou thousand Hibiscus autumn bloom like beauty makeup when drunk to early Fuzhou News Network (micro-blog) October 28th news (reporter Yuan Hao) "are like a beautiful woman drunk, carrying the green mirror to makeup was strong." This is the Song Dynasty poet Wang Anshi describes the color of the hibiscus. In the autumn chill flowers in Fuzhou, Hibiscus is diligent open, have you noticed? The reporter visited the Minjiang Park, the park found Linjiang side planting a large pink hibiscus, recently have flowering. It is reported that Minjiang Park, Jinshan Park, West Lake and other places have planted hibiscus. The Minjiang Hualong Park North Park Scenic River green planting about 500 strains; Nanyuan riverside green golden beach east planted about 1500 trees on the west side of the river; green planted about 400 trees, bridges along the river about 550 lines; Jinshan Park "Fujian Kawada rhyme" and "flying geese Fang Zhou area planted about 300 trees. Hibiscus Hibiscus variety of colors, in addition to the common pink hibiscus, as well as red hibiscus, white hibiscus, Huang Furong and other varieties. Hibiscus blossom in the autumn usually all Kurong, since ancient times is a good species of flower. Hibiscus flower is big and bright color, so the ancients will be planted in the garden, waterfront. "Superfluous things" also recorded: "to plant lotus pond shore, near the water." >相关的主题文章: