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The survival status of the young sculptors: creation and entanglement between ideal and reality — a sculpture of the Chinese novel. City ". Magnolia hall for Beijing August 29 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Song Yusheng) 7, August, the main variety of young artists have held the exhibition. Recently, a new sculpture as the theme of the exhibition opened in Beijing, the creators of the works are mostly 80, 90 sculptors. How are these young sculptors living? In recent days, the new network (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter visited. Young artists must represent hope." In the view of art dealers Wu Jin young artists, although is not particularly mature, but in fact these works show the germination of new ideas, new things are just the beginning of the (state)". He pointed to a piece of artwork on the side of the show, told reporters: "like I am on the hand of the ‘mushroom’, it is a graduate student graduation. In the future, we don’t know. He doesn’t know." Wu Jin said the "mushroom" is Ceng Liangchao’s sculpture. Ceng Liangchao graduated from Sichuan Fine Art Institute this year. The main works in this graduation hall is hanging in the air, stood with incomplete prefabricated wooden mushroom, a beam of light through the holes of prefabricated plate in the middle as down, fell to the ground only on a mushroom. Ceng Liangchao told reporters that he replaced the concept of mushrooms with a "work" (mushrooms) have fat, thin, tall, short, is to imply that all kinds of people". In his view, unlike the mushrooms on the board, the mushroom on the ground had an ideal color. "Although it is not big, but it is a new, down-to-earth things. Hope that it is a different individual, while maintaining a complete state of self." He felt that the state of the mushroom is actually the artist should have. Graduation, immediately to the face of society, if you keep the artist’s state is not into the integration, there are some places to compromise. But compromise to compromise, their own that a pure or can not be lost." In fact, this piece of work actually stems from Ceng Liangchao’s own heart tangled, an ideal and the reality of the tangle". Although he hopes to have the opportunity to become a full-time artist, but also have to consider the reality of the problem. After graduation, he entered a university in Sichuan to teach. "I now have a home, I have parents to support, parents in order to let me grow up, reading, they pay a lot, I can not blindly pursue my own dream. The artist is also a living person and a family." Li Yinong’s sculpture "be a good man to look like a good man". In the new network, Wei Wei compared with the University, becoming an artist means that income is not stable, and rely on the sale of their sculptures to make a living. Li Yinong, a graduate student this year, has a similar problem. Even her students in the study of Tsinghua Academy of fine arts, but also because of such problems, after graduation, few people continue to engage in the creation of sculpture. "Some people went to a public institution,"相关的主题文章: