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IPhone7 released soon   hot foreign media can become Apple Corp straw – people.com.cn communication channel — people.com.cn original title: iPhone7 released soon hot foreign media will become a Apple Corp straw in Apple received the largest in the history of the EU tax collection ticket on the same day, apple in its own way, announced on September 7th officially released the new iPhone 7 intelligent mobile phone. According to Bloomberg News reported on 30, Apple announced a major new product is customary way to send invitations to the news media to inform the latter when and where the product will be released". This is no exception, the background is black with an invitation, seven color light, the letter stated time is September 7, 2016, location is usually held "the apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) of the United States of California San Francisco Bill Graham municipal auditorium?. The invitation of pun and concise and comprehensive: "No. 7". Integrated media news, apple is likely to release 4.7 inches of iPhone and 5.5 inches 7Plus version of the iPhone, as well as iPhone 6SE two. Mobile phone color in addition to iPhone 6 series of those, it is claimed that saw the blue shell. The iPhone 7 series is the most famous rumors, may use the dual camera, so as to enhance the iPhone of mobile phone in the dark conditions of shooting, from all aspects of the current feedback, this rumor is likely to be confirmed. There is news that the two design — iPhone the most criticized the fragile headset interface may be canceled, changed to Lighting interface, the basic 16GB storage capacity and load them may be doubled, but the charging interface of another "groove" — a controversial and "high value consumable" charging data the transmission line, there may be no improvement. The new machine before the release, the United States may be out of stock such as Peng Bo and CNBC have about iPhone7 after the listing of the news, the reason given is not consistent, said dual camera module suspended, said memory supplier SK Hynix failed to certified by apple, but industry analysts believe that "this is just an old apple" hunger marketing "means". Recently, Apple has encountered a lot of trouble by ZTE, HUAWEI and other smart mobile phone siege in China market, market share decline. China mainland Olympic elite representatives visit Hongkong recently, has a secret ZTE ZTE mobile phone to increase visibility. Especially the "the girl" Fu Yuanhui lost his mobile phone in Brazil after Rio, starting a new secret ZTE 7, became the object of pursuit of the internet. In August 30th, the European Commission ruling Apple Corp paid more than 13 billion euros in taxes and fines, in the context of iPhone 7 can become Apple Corp straw, people’s point of view is not consistent. Some views, iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 series release interval is too short, may have a negative impact on the sales of the two series. Some people think that iPhone7 "will sell well", but not enough for the market and the相关的主题文章: