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The Mu Ecological Industrial Park   capital to help the development of modern agriculture, finance, August 26 Beijing Xinhua (Jia Xingpeng) "Chinese future agricultural market worthwhile seeing before," Tianrun Guohua group announced the official to enter the health industry, focusing on cultivating the modern agriculture, intends to build 10 1000 acres of scale ecological agriculture industrial park in the country, to create a variety of functions in planting, processing, storage, research and development, exhibition, leisure in one of the modern high-tech industrial park. About the prospect of the future of agriculture China, Tianrun Guohua group vice president Wang Yu is very optimistic about. "Chinese population, agricultural market is large, since the reform and opening up, China really do agricultural prefix enterprises is very small, success is very small, it is not only a challenge for China Tianrun group, more of an opportunity." Wang Yu said that China has brought together a group of Tianrun dozens of regional ecological planting, aquaculture products, we are planning to build a pilot park, and intends to build 10 1000 acres of scale ecological agriculture industrial park in china. According to reports, the 10 eco agricultural park planning will be completed with regional characteristics in planting, development, sales, promotion, supplemented by ornamental flower planting, with international standardization research and experimental base, R & D center, standardized production and processing workshop, business center, logistics center, warehouse automation center multifunctional, panoramic display area, ecological resources ecological tourism scenic spots and other functional areas, and to the health, health and leisure as the theme, the organic combination of ecological agriculture and agricultural science and technology. "The investment as the core, based on the industry, build a financial platform, to achieve industrial rise, creating capital value is Tianrun has been doing things." Conference, Tianrun Guohua Group Chairman Wang Jinhai said, Tianrun Guohua group layout of the whole industry chain has been fully completed, then, with the group’s strong industrial background, as well as their own professional asset and wealth management ability, the diversification of investment in modern agriculture, Internet technology, commercial trade, culture media, financial investment and other fields. It is reported that the field of modern agriculture, by virtue of Tianrun innovation, through the integration of the capital, focus on building covering planting, processing, storage, research and development, exhibition, leisure in a ecological agriculture industrial park features in all parts of the country. The field of Internet technology, with the core competitiveness of universal Jiye and Yu Fu cloud platform, Internet technology sector, to create its own agricultural e-commerce platform, the use of big data and cloud computing technology, and constantly open up new business areas, combined with ecological agriculture, rich in the whole industry chain. In the field of trade, Tianrun Guohua group through the "Sunland" brand, based on Trade and industry as the basis, while relying on established in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Liaoning, Zhejiang and other places of the sales network, to modern agriculture and health industry as the core of related products, to create a one-stop the health of agricultural products sales platform and other products import and export platform. Wang Jinhai introduction, Tianrun Guohua group to enter the field of agriculture, ecological layout, health industry, will build a good capital platform for China’s modern agriculture field, the future will be modern agriculture)相关的主题文章: