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ASEAN Summit on the South China Sea want to pick up the results of the discussion: communique does not mention the South China Sea arbitration 6 pm, the ASEAN Summit held in the 10. It is reported that Japan is still trying to promote the introduction of the South China Sea issue of the ASEAN summit series. Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo arrived in Laos, 6, immediately held talks with President of Philippines, Duthel Te. Andouble talks with Duthel Te. (Figure) Japanese news network, said the two people on the situation in the South China Sea and the results of the arbitration and other issues exchanged views, and explore the future of China’s foreign policy in Philippines". Reported that in the United States announced the cancellation of the emergency summit under the background of Philippines Philippines still talks, Japan in the South China Sea and phenanthrene diplomacy is taking "alone" policy. 6 days later "Yomiuri Shimbun" website, in Andouble and Duthel Te after the talks, Japan decided to provide two large patrol boats to the Philippines, the Philippine maritime guard to strengthen the support ability, contain China marine strategy. Duthel Te said: Philippines presence in the South China Sea increased. He also said: "we should respect the decision of the international tribunal." Andouble responded that fully supports the position of Philippines". According to the "Asahi Shimbun" website reported on 6, 8, Andouble has 18 heads of state attended in the East Asian summit, will focus on the Chinese in the South China Sea to promote military stronghold that initiated the discussion, highlighted by the "legal control" to solve the problem of peace. Subsequently, a number of foreign media broke the news that the ASEAN summit communique will not mention the so-called South China Sea arbitration case. According to Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported, will be held on 7 and Chinese ASEAN summit will focus on the draft presidential statement aimed at a peaceful settlement of the South China Sea issue "code of conduct", stated on the policy of China welcomed by countries outside the region that is not "interfere" as a precondition. Wang Xiaopeng Chinese China Academy of Social Sciences expert said: "there will be problems of small waves do not rule out this summit, individual and individual foreign powers dispute dispute, persuaded Congress to seize the opportune moment endpoint contradictions, but not a big storm." Thailand "Bangkok post" said 6 ASEAN Summit draft statement did not mention the South China Sea in July 12th the results of arbitration, "which can be seen as Beijing’s diplomatic victory", and shows the Chinese influence in Southeast asia. New York Times said that after further deliberations, the statement will be published after the end of the 8 series of meetings. Although there are two days to amend the time, but the draft on the South China Sea issue may not change the main elaboration. Why did the ASEAN president not mention arbitration? "South China Morning Post" quoted Singapore ambassador, former Secretary General of the association Wang Jingrong, because Philippines has hinted that not filed for arbitration at the summit, so other countries have not provided, therefore, Japan is not a good one. Back in August, he said he did not intend to put forward the issue of the South China Sea in the September issue of the Laos ASEAN summit, and willing to talk with Chinese officials quietly". "Many ASEAN countries also don’t want to be involved in Chinese and Philippines in the South China Sea dispute", Hongkong "South China Morning Post" quoted as saying Malaysia’s opposition party members in Santiago, the ASEAN leaders need to publicly show solidarity, in order not to the United States to "proxy war" in Southeast Asia into reality.相关的主题文章: