Giant monopoly game arena new board gaming company performance growth is amazing-beef怎么读�

The new board gaming giant monopoly game arena amazing growth performance of the company Tencent NetEase under the iron heel, three new board game overall bleak, but the gaming business growth amazing. The monopoly in the game development market under the background of small business force in the event operations, and then the layout of the pan entertainment gaming products, in order to build the ecosystem from the giants with high-quality content to get more revenue. "There are only three games in China: Tencent, NetEase, and others." 2015, Tencent, NetEase, the two companies have accounted for 52.3% of the entire Chinese game market, in the hand travel market is to occupy a market share of 60.5%. If you have not been consumed by the user props recharge income, the share is expected to reach more than 7. In the other, which also includes a number of relatively strong financial strength of Listed Companies in A shares and the concept of stock companies, the status of the new board listed companies can be calculated. In 2015, there are 24 performance loss 61 game companies listed three new board, the reason is mostly in the vicious spiral: old games – has been developing new games – decline in revenue – cost increase – not timely introduction of new games or launch failure to test the water – performance loss, IP, VR, shadow Tour linkage, pan entertainment under the concept of packaging dressed all have mostly failed to turn into real income. In the midst of a downturn in the overall gaming, the company’s performance is particularly eye-catching. They were the first to get rid of the concept, become the real development of the game industry chain is the company, three new board listed gaming companies for nearly a year the growth rate is amazing (Table 1). Electronic games is not only an extension of the game to extend the life of the game, an important means to increase the consumption of players in the game, but also to build a new industrial ecology, including event operations, sponsorship, live video, etc.. Assembly of the investment community, the game industry a number of influential man hero mutual entertainment in its continued output of high quality mobile gaming game at the same time, strive to achieve every link of profitability in the industry chain. Hero mutual entertainment founder, CEO should book Ling revealed that during the mobile gaming tournament finals HPL2015 company held the event influence brought no less than 10 million yuan in profits for the day. It is said that the number of HPL2016 sponsors and sponsorship amount will be much more than last season. Two giant work three new board companies do not have the hero mutual entertainment strength, however, do not focus on the game development, game operations gaming company live more moist. Similar to other sports events operation is an important part of the gaming industry chain. As one of the earliest mobile gaming event operators, reflect the cultural network (834902.OC) based on long-term accumulation in the event and experience in the field of broadcast and video production technology advantages in the field, the establishment of a comprehensive electronic athletics to electronic sports events operation is the core foundation, covers live events, electronic sports entertainment content production, the artist network operations and user mobile Internet service platform ecosystem. In recent years, the main income of the network reflects the cultural activities of the organization to promote the event. Relying on its ability to manage and operate the game market and brand awareness of the advantages of the market, the company’s event agency business has grown steadily in the past two years has successfully hosted the national.相关的主题文章: