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Isn’t the donkey’s water like a movie? Ren Suxi: the new director is Sina entertainment news read "strangers" water donkey, I believe that many viewers impressed me most is the film that is known as "the history of the most pure slut" Zhang yiman. As the resounding title, a man who comes with two kind of temperament, she can put "amorous nightwear" playing skills and Xipixiaolian, reach the acme of perfection, as the little girl plays in the garlic skin "snowflake" innocence, "slut" and "green paper" looks mutual exclusion. But they combine, but abnormal accurately summed up a man most respectable, loveliness: true, vivid, not a bit pretentious. I remember when rolling subtitles, played by name: Ren Suxi. The drama "donkey water" since its premiere in 2012, other characters or more, this role has been the Suxi Zhang Yiman as she did not home court, after 120 games, when director Zhou Shen, Liu Lu will determine the "donkey water" to the big screen, let the man know Zhang Suxi the role of not looking for her, indeed, she is the first movie actor finalized. The director said, Ren Suxi is Zhang yiman. Ren Suxi himself said, a man has in her body. "Director Li skeleton, actor Tim flesh," this is perhaps the biggest reason for the actor and the character of the inextricably involved. "Every character is created by an actor. No one to imitate, to comprehend, how to tone, or said I want to play a what kind of, that will be very far away from their own, you play out is also totally false ", as a work on the stage for ten years of actors, performing Ren Suxi’s heart already complete, but if from the perspective of ego, your emotions must be sincere, is alive." This is the so-called Stanislavski Ren typical view of experiencing the Suxi mouth, it should not imitate the image, but "become the image, in the image of life. So all the questions are answered. Ten years of drama know Zhang Yiman road for about five years before Sina entertainment has been in a play? Ren Suxi: Yes, from the first release of the drama, 06 years when I was in school, to 2016 this year, the whole of the year ten. Sina entertainment: did not play in the middle of the film and television drama, right? Ren Suxi: No. Oh, I am not very good at communication, where the circle, where has been, for example, I want to go to the film and television drama, to run what the group, not very good at. I just want to do the same thing with the familiar people, so do ten years. Sina entertainment: when to come into contact with drama "donkey water"? Ren Suxi: "donkey" water drama is 2012, a week beginning when you want to have a drama to find me. Sina entertainment: so the role of man is always you? Ren Suxi: Yes, although the two groups and the group of three also played many times. But I play games should be the most. About more than and 120 games. Sina entertainment: the role of man first and everybody a side will be adjusted, why? )相关的主题文章: