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Fujian chamber of Commerce in return overseas dream garden into business innovation platform – China News Agency in Fuzhou on 23 October, Beijing (Yan Xu) "overseas dream garden" is not a dream place is the US Chamber of Commerce, "the place of dreams."." Jianrun cross-border Agel Ecommerce Ltd founder, Thailand chamber of Commerce Huang Rong Ji Weimin says. Health run cross-border Agel Ecommerce Ltd is one of the first settled in Fujian, overseas dream court. Huang Weimin said last July by the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office awarded the "Chinese dream yuan cross-border electricity supplier Industrial Park" plaque, the path of development "to promote the company’s comprehensive service enterprise". In the famous hometown of overseas Chinese has about 15000000 Fujian overseas dream garden "is becoming a platform for the southeast coastal industrial areas and overseas Chinese overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship and innovation. In July last year listed the establishment of Fujian overseas dream garden, more than a year has Chinese ASEAN Seafood Research Institute, Chinese ASEAN seafood industry base, overseas Chinese cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park and other projects assigned by the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, awarding, also the successful introduction of Lijia bonded port international logistics park, cold chain food, gold Rong run cross-border e-commerce a number of overseas projects. Fuzhou overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Lin Hanjun news agency 23, reporters recently to launch the strength of the Rong Ji chamber of Commerce jointly funded, hope to bring strength and interest to invest in the chamber of Commerce to participate in Fuzhou, thus greatly promoting Fujian overseas dream garden construction. The total area of 624.49 square kilometers of Fujian overseas dream garden, Fuzhou economic and Technological Development Zone as the core, radiation Fuzhou high tech Industrial Park, Taiwan Blue Economy Industrial Park, Jiangyin Industrial Zone, Changle Airport Economic Zone, Minqing Gold Industrial Park, the formation of "the development pattern of five garden district. "Overseas dream garden" is the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office to promote the establishment of a attract overseas Chinese professionals to return to entrepreneurship, and high-end, comprehensive, service platform. The deputy director of the State Council Office Tan Tianxing recently visited Fujian overseas dream garden, to really attract overseas resources development, landing here. In order to better attract the majority of overseas Chinese to Fujian, overseas dream garden investment, Fuzhou official intends to set up overseas Chinese fund". According to the Fuzhou Municipal Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Fuzhou municipal government, the early and the counties (city) district government jointly raise guiding funds 1 billion yuan (RMB, same below), the Fuzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other departments will also come up with a better project support fund. Fujian overseas dream garden set up more than a year, overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Fujian Province, Fuzhou City Overseas Chinese Affairs Office established overseas Chinese resources sharing mechanism. As of now, Fujian overseas dream garden "has attracted 258 businessmen and professionals in more than and 30 countries and regions to visit, negotiate docking project more than and 100, a German Industrial Park project, vein feed antioxidant peptide preparation research and development and production, is run industrial production base project 59 the chamber of Commerce and investment, total investment amounted to 6 billion 146 million yuan. Fujian Province Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Feng Zhinong said that Fuzhou is currently facing a favorable opportunity of "five superposition", should deeply excavate the resources of overseas Chinese, especially with the help of Fujian overseas dream garden "area five Park")相关的主题文章: