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"The bride" catch demon tianshic route through the network to explore new inference + comedy – Sohu entertainment I always focus on movie theaters, being strong pull into the large network drama, see the "catch" the demon bride tianshic route, some startled Meng ring. At the beginning of the film has been speculated that the name, not the true meaning of. I searched the web, in fact, the bride is through a legend in the folk, the bride before marriage in sudden death, become ghosts, inexorably hangs on., with devils songqin team disguised as wandering in these villages. If you put it in, second people died on the day. What is the movie bride through the truth? I will not play, you can go to the movies to find the truth. The content of the title of the film is the first highlight. After reading the "catch the demon bride tianshic through" can not help but think of this movie may be another name, "who is the demon", why not. The whole movie set is very interesting, for example, who can expect to be sent into exile with tianshic catch demon another identity? All left foreshadowing repeatedly frequent reversal, true identity a mystery to everyone, nice and make peach, who is a true ghost bride, this problem has plagued the audience throughout the play. The surprise is that as a reasoning thriller, "catch the demon bride tianshic via" with a lot of funny plot, in high cold Liu seven, funny than Li Donghang two people always say you say me in love gambol bromance outdone, "added the modern verse in the history of aerial hot words in the environment, the adorable laugh, tempt me. This year hit many network or network drama, have been playing "reasoning" brand, this is a terrible and lovely type, if it is too serious to burn brain, love is a senior Western style cool, reasoning adds comedy, thriller and funny combination, so that ordinary people can also feel happy in reasoning at the same time, this reasoning is a new exploration + comedy, large, and this summer the most unexpected of a large movie.相关的主题文章: