Russian officials said the sale of 35 by Russian pilots HuaSu self driving to Chinese delivery-beef怎么读�

Russian officials said the sale of 35 by Russian pilots HuaSu self driving to Chinese delivery from Russian troops 2 Su -30M2 came to Ru koves Ki, for Chinese pilot training 10 months late, from the Russian air and space force Ahmed 929th national test center of the Tubin Smolensk 2 Su -35S, and twenty-seventh mixed aviation divisions of the 2 Su -30M2 located on the outskirts of Moscow have arrived in the town of Ru koves Ki Geluofumo Academy of flight, for there are su -35 flight training China pilots for real machine operation. From the Russian network on the open picture, the current Chinese pilots have begun to carry out real flight training. Clear responsibility, Su -35 by Russian pilots to drive to China delivery network Chinese delta Russian pictures show, the pilot already in the Su -30M2 on flight training with training in depth, and Russia to Chinese delivered the first batch of 4 Su -35 date is approaching. Earlier news speculation, Chinese pilots will be directly driving Su -35 return, defense bacteria have cited the news. However, according to the latest information from the northern defense, the message is not accurate. In just the end of the Zhuhai airshow, Northland defense (WeChat ID:sinorusdef) Russian Su -35 transactions on Russian Technology Group International Cooperation Department responsible for the exclusive interview. The person in charge of the first to the North China defense confirmed that this year will be the first to receive 4 Su -35. He said that China from 2010 began to sue -35 expressed a clear interest. Then the Chinese side on the performance of the Soviet -35 conducted a detailed understanding, and sent the pilot to Russia to test the Soviet Union -35. Finally, the two sides signed a purchase agreement after more than a year of contract negotiations. Su -35 production line production line of the delta of the Su -35 on China will be driving Su -35 back to news, the official denied this. He told the North defense (WeChat ID:sinorusdef) said that the implementation of the contract is very "logic". He asked, if the aircraft by the Chinese pilot to return home, the half-way out of the question who should be responsible? According to him, the right way is delivered by Russia experienced pilots Su -35 to China base, safely arrived in China to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the state of the aircraft, "the Chinese want to check how long will check how long", and finally signed the formal delivery. (authorship: Northland defence)相关的主题文章: