Hongkong minimum wage hourly wage or up to HK $34.5 next year to enter into force-残清1864

Hongkong minimum wage or salary raised to HK $34.5 – the fastest next year Beijing Beijing in October 9, according to Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" reported that the Hongkong minimum wage salary raised to 34.5 yuan (HK $, the same below), the Secretary for labour and Welfare Bureau Zhang Jianzong said 8 days, the fastest to Hongkong before the end of this month the chief executive in Council submitted a report, if approved, be submitted to the Legislative Council and by the fastest next year came into effect in May 1st. The minimum wage level in Hongkong every two years for review, the review commenced in April this year, the committee had to trade unions and organizations? The main collection of views, both sides of preliminary consultations considerable differences, seven this month, finally reached a consensus, the minimum wage paid 32.5 yuan raised by two yuan to 34.5 yuan, an increase of 6.15% so, a number of industry wage earners benefit. Zhang Jianzong said that the Minimum Wage Commission has reference to the overall economic growth, inflation, unemployment and other social conditions, a basket of indicators in determining the minimum wage, and then make a decision, and listen to the views of both sides of labor, the government is happy to see the minimum wage proposal finally reached a consensus. In addition, the MPF? Problem, Zhang Jianzong described the cancellation of MPF? Is very complicated problem, must first straighten out the relationship long service payment, severance and MPF three, hopes to put forward feasible policy direction in the term, in order to make social discussion.相关的主题文章: