Good China bestie! Yang Mixian was cheating scandal Tang Yan Award-追踪309

Good China bestie! Yang Mixian was cheating scandal Tang Yan Tang Yan, Yang Mi attended the event on behalf of the award Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Hawick Lau [micro-blog] traced derailed actress Wang Ou on the same day, the wife of Yang Mi [micro-blog] became the focus of people, all day are questioning the media impressions, and although Yang Mi attended the red carpet evening activities, by saying "I have in any case. I believe that behind her husband Hawick" determination, but she later chose the absence of ceremony, the mood is obviously influenced by. In the evening Yang Mi Hawick Lau exposed derailed suspicions, although still strong spunks up, dress up the red carpet activities, but the absence of the red carpet ceremony, selected by Tang Yan bestie [micro-blog] to collect the most influential annual award, "today because Yang Mi commissioned me to help her to receive this award, she let me tell you that thank you." Even the host can not help but sigh "Yang Mi’s good bestie". Tang Yan, Yang Mi is a showbiz known good bestie when Yang Mi and Hawick Lau married, Tang Yan is the only Bridesmaid Wedding, when Tang Yan, Roy Chiu Tse [micro-blog] Yang Mi in the teaser, micro-blog issued a satire of Roy Chiu Tse "love 2 objects" by netizens for "good Chinese bestie". (commissioning editor: banana)相关的主题文章: