Lincang, Yunnan border seized large transnational drug trafficking case to pay more than 60 kilogram 1926年属相�

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Yunnan Lincang border seized large transnational drug trafficking case poison pay more than 60 kg – Beijing, China News Agency, Lincang, September 20 (Ma Qian Zhu Jianming Chen Weixiao) 20 reporters from Yunnan Lincang public security detachment was informed that the detachment after two months of investigation, successfully seized large transnational drug trafficking case, and seized 66.763 kilograms of methamphetamine drugs. In July this year, the detachment of Zhenkang Public Security Frontier brigade was informed that the recent will be a group of people from outside the trafficking of drugs. Accordingly, the brigade held a case analysis, think the situation is reliable, has the value of investigation. To this end, the brigade deployed to set up a secret investigation of veteran soldiers and able captains in the border line. After several days of Mopai investigation, in early September, the group again was informed that the suspect may recently drug trafficking entry, entry time, and the number of specific routes and an unknown number of drugs. According to the progress of the case, the focus area and route group decided to ambush Bingfen multiple suspects at the border line may be through blocking card. 16, in the 127 pillar near the Sino Burmese border the Chinese side from overseas duty officers found someone carrying the bag direction entry, walk along the border line of sugarcane after entry. When the officers and soldiers prepared to routine border inspection, 100 meters outside the suspect found soldiers on duty after discarding items turned on the run to the outside direction. To see this, officers and soldiers quickly chase, close to the border with large due to sugar cane and woods, the hunt failed, woven bags on the spot from the suspect discarded seized methamphetamine drugs 117 weight 66.763 kg. Currently, the case is being handled according to law. (end)相关的主题文章: