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Charming Yunnan Shuhe town – Sohu of Shuhe tourism, the Naxi language called "Shao Wu", because of the village after the treasure as heaps of mountain peak, the mountain village, spread and variation, meaning "peak under the village". It is located four kilometers northwest of Old Town of Lijiang, is one of the earliest in Lijiang Naxi ancestors Bazi in settlements, is preserved an important town on the tea horse road, is also a living specimen of the Naxi ancestors from farming civilization to commercial civilization over the town construction example opening and formation of the caravan in 1997 is an important part. UNESCO as "world cultural heritage" of Old Town of Lijiang. Built in the Ming Dynasty, Dashiqiao, Grand Palace is still intact, inside murals vividly depicts the characters in buddhism. Built in the Qing Dynasty the Longquan temple is dedicated to the founder, because there was a gathering place for Lijiang leather. Compared with the present of a town, here a more quiet, if you love Old Town of Lijiang, you will love here. This is a bustling ambiguous City, every season there are the flowers, stone road under the streetlight ringing footsteps, in the shuttle world traveler The stream never stops flowing., and many stories, with time over, in the years drifting away, the lights in the morning and the stars fall in succession, here and we are not a man, just passing through..相关的主题文章: