A 48 year old man to 46 years old married bihun refused to set themselves on fire – poured gasoline carmex润唇膏

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A 48 year old man to 46 years old married bihun refused to set themselves on fire poured gasoline Beijing – in Washington in November 10th, WeChat began to spread such a video: a man and a woman sitting on the side of the road, two people ten meters apart, there are obvious signs of physical burn. Among them, the man has traces of burns. The legs and the back of the most serious; and the woman face with blood, with dishevelled hair and a dirty face, the body has multiple burns. What is the relationship between a man and a woman? Why would they be burned? Reporter according to the clues provided by users, to Jiaji town of Qionghai city learned that the woman was burned at a 46 year old, is married, in Jiaji town do small business; and she ran out together man Zhu is not the husband, because of the character of a threat to marry him, shamed into anger spilled gasoline ignition. As a result of the injury, Zhu died after rescue, and a certain degree of severe burns have not yet been out of danger. Currently, Qionghai police joint fire department and other departments to investigate the case. Reporter Liao Ziru Ventura rented smoke fire, neighbor water zamen rescued two "fire" in November 10th at 12 pm, the masses found ring city street Qionghai Jiaji Town, a single room rental house suddenly braved the smoke, also heard screams, neighbors have smashed the door and water fire rescue. When they opened the door and found a man and a woman inside the house, they wear clothes on fire, then the water to help the body of the fire extinguished. After the rescue, the fire was quickly extinguished, but the two most skin burned or charred. There are good people find clothes to burn the woman put on. Subsequently, some people call 110, while calling the emergency call, emergency vehicles and 119 fire engines have arrived at the scene of the 120. "Two people rescued a rental apartment into a street, the body was blackened flesh, were severely burned, many people smell them with gasoline." According to witnesses, two men and women on the fire, who were burned sitting injured all over the body, driven to distraction on the side of the road, not to utter a single word. The fire truck arrived at the scene, the fire has been extinguished, but there is a small amount of indoor Mars, enthusiastic people still in water douse the flames. Police rushed to the scene, the two people rushed to hospital for treatment. It is understood that the fire house is independent of the concrete structure, because the neighbors to help the fire, fire control and elimination, did not affect the adjacent houses. Nearby residents said the man is lazy, often at night woman who lives in a shop of the female owner photographed using a mobile phone at the scene, and uploaded to the WeChat group, quickly spread in the circle of friends, it is reported that the couple quarrel dispute mutual poured gasoline. "As for the two people what reason is like this, we don’t know." The owner said. According to the scene witnessed the introduction of the masses, was recognized, the woman is a rental house on fire, usually sell eggs in the market. "Should be about 50 years old, every morning in the market to sell eggs, she rented here for about 10 years, her husband at home, the burned man often to her house in the evening." Nearby residents told reporters that the house is a woman of the rent,.相关的主题文章: