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Launch No. two temple success marks in China will enter the era of space station – Sohu news comprehensive Xinhua news agency, 22 September 15th 04, carrying the Tiangong two space laboratory Long March two F T2 launch rocket launch at the Jiuquan satellite launch center. After about 575 seconds, with the Tiangong two rocket successfully separated into orbit, launching a successful. The first true Temple No. two, China is on the space laboratory. About 10 minutes after takeoff is separated from the rocket into the initial orbit "Tiangong two" space laboratory, about 10 minutes after takeoff is separated from the rocket, the initial orbit perigee 200 km, apogee 350 km, after entering the orbit altitude of about 393 km orbit, orbit test. According to the plan, Tiangong two laboratory space launch, the development platform and the space application load testing, and the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft before launch, do a good job with the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft rendezvous and docking preparation. In mid October, the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft launch into orbit is here, after the transfer phase, and "Tiangong two" at the height of 393 km near circular orbit rendezvous docking form combination, the astronauts entered the "Tiangong two" experiments of space science and technology. The combination operation of thirtieth days, the Shenzhou eleven and "Tiangong two" separation, astronauts return capsule returned to Siziwangqi the main landing field. The "Tiangong two" continue to orbit. Temple No. two, with a connecting role according to the Chinese manned space project spokesman Wu Ping, launch Tiangong two space laboratory, the main purpose is to accept the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft to visit, astronauts completed the interim assessment for the long-term resident, flight crew life, work and health protection and other related technologies; accept one day boat cargo ship access verification added on orbit propellant technology; carry out space medicine, space science experiments and space technology applications, and maintenance and space station technology verification. She said, Tiangong two arrangements reflected a number of cutting-edge science and technology development strategy of high science and application of task. The space atomic clock experiments, GRB polarization detection, space quantum key distribution test is 3 key projects Tiangong two, 14 in the project application and test. Tiangong two chief architect Zhu Congpeng said that China manned space "three step" strategy is now in the second phase second step. Launch No. two temple, the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft and one day boat cargo ship to have entered space. It can be said that the Temple No. two, with a connecting role. The successful launch of Tiangong two, indicates that China will soon enter the space station era. The focus of the first half of next year, a day boat docked Tiangong two Tiangong two launch is the core task of China’s manned spaceflight space laboratory stage task. China manned space engineering general designer Zhou Jianping said that space laboratory tasks include: in June 25th this year, a new generation of carrier rocket Long March seven first flight, this task was achieved; the temple rendezvous No. two and Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft, this year will be 1相关的主题文章: