Zhang Jizhong $4 million luxury exposure and Bill · the same area of the same (video) denka

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Zhang Jizhong $4 million mansion exposure and Bill · Gates abstract the same district [] that once belonged to Zhang Jizhong’s mansion at Rancho Santa Fe called Santiago rich area, not only Bill · Gates also has a house, according to public information display, at least 50 more famous American athletes and entrepreneurs the ownership of real estate in this area. Zhang Jizhong house, Google map screenshot China Press Network reported on August 31st, Chinese entertainment is yiboweiping another, Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong divorce continued heating, Zhang Jizhong and fan Xin man as mistress to divorce. Net exposure fan Xin man derailed another director Xiao Qi, however, fan Xin man quickly responded angrily Zhang Jizhong also denied derailment, raising the "mistress" in the United States for many years, and Zhang Jizhong has transferred property. The "newspaper" investigation, found in Santiago have had real estate registration in the name of Zhang Jizhong, but has been transferred to the woman surnamed du. Luxury outdoor swimming pool (real estate website public information) Zhang Jizhong mansion location (real estate public information website map) from the real estate website you can see, this house was built in 1997, covers an area of 6945 square feet. The house has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The final record was in March 24, 2014, when the transaction price of $3 million 750 thousand, the current market price of nearly $4 million. It once belonged to Zhang Jizhong’s mansion at Rancho Santa Fe called Santiago rich district. Not only Bill ·, but also a house in, according to public information shows that at least more than 50 well-known American athletes and entrepreneurs in this area have property. Fan Xin man denounced Zhang Jizhong for the third statement: I feel sad相关的主题文章: