Billy · Lynn Ang Lee admitted to the Shanghai new technical challenge is impatient

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"Billy ·"; Lynn Ang Lee admitted to the Shanghai new technical challenge is the Tencent impatient entertainment news (literature, photography Hu Meng Ying) November 8th, director Ang Lee to bring the new "Billy · Lynn midfielder arrived in Chinese war" tour started in Shanghai station fourth. The press conference, Ang Lee admits the opening of the new technology is some quick feet to wait, "I’m 62 years old is not young, I can’t wait, hope when I was still in service to see China film development to a certain extent." Denied suggestions China film new technical challenge is a slow said in the morning, "Billy Lynn" held the 120 frame 3D 4K studios in the Shanghai media first, formally accepted Shanghai media review. Throughout the show, director Ang Lee quietly stood aside, until afterwards, he walked into the screening room, personally debugging color. The reason is that he believes that the overall layout of the hall was red, making the film when the color has a certain bias. Although the deviation was so small that the reporters were not aware of it. For the conference, this time in the technology of the great leap forward, Ang Lee confessed heart drums, "may have a relationship with my age, I am 62 years old, not young, I can’t wait. I hope that when I was still in the service of this period to see it develop to a certain extent, so I am eager to show it to the audience. The experience of the past few days makes me feel very excited, but also very exciting, because I do things quickly so the take it out, actually very uncomfortable, I do not know what will be the reaction of the audience." However, in this year’s Shanghai Film Festival forum, Ang Lee has called for the current Chinese film should be appropriate to slow down, otherwise there will be haste is less dangerous. Talking about this, he clarified, "I never said that China film to slow down, then a director said a young man holding a book, ask me in a year of non what, I speak a little slower, live so long. What’s the hurry. In the rapid development of the situation is easy to get lost, I hope that this scene can be a hot development, to do some of the roots of the work, make it more sound. I mean it. Of course, the better the box office, no one wants it to cool down." Not only at the box office, Ang Lee also hold this view for technology. He stressed that the use of new technology to support this story is a must, "if you do not have this technology, I can’t take this stream of consciousness story, new technology of drama and I used to move my interpretation very well." But this is just a beginning, the future still need to leap, "this format when you look at the ten eight, adapted to the eyes. I think this is a very low standard, now just look forward to the first step. I personally think that it has unlimited potential, I feel very excited, I hope you join us. We go hand in hand, I hope to go forward, rather than look back." In response to the "anti climax" controversy: not suitable for the Hollywood narrative structure, Billy · Lynn’s midfield war through the 19 year old American soldier ·,, the perspective of the show a wonderful journey of heroes". Billy was hailed as a hero in the war in Iraq because of his brave rescue comrades, and was recalled with his comrades into the country"相关的主题文章: