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I am proud of my bachelor these places most suitable for singles to wave a few days is November 11th day, you just keep buying and buying? You know 11· but in 11 exclusive singles holiday, this day can play wonderful shopping. How can we live happily, not alone? Go to the following places, must be full of positive energy! Filippi Creek, Montana, brook ranch (The Ranch at Rock) ranch is particularly suitable for those who want to improve their survival skills of bachelors. Here, the ranch will provide customized package for the guests, the guests were easy to fly fishing, barbecue, the top hand rifle, paintball, hunting and other recreational activities to drink under the stars. After a day of physical games, the guests will be in the ranch in a small wooden house to rest. Mexico Cabo San Lucas Esperanza Resort (Esperanza) for fitness maniac and racing fans, here is their choice. Driving a professional desert racing gallop in the Baja desert, then back to the resort have a pleasant cigar, enjoy the bartender for exclusive wine. In addition, the guests will be trained at the seaside similar to the Navy recruits. At the same time, you can also enjoy the most luxurious feast in Mexico. Western United States motorcycle riding if you and your brothers have a motorcycle driver’s license, may wish to try this way to depart from Las Vegas Yosemite National Park, with San Francisco as the focus of the motorcycle riding route. Las Vegas and Las Vegas San Francisco is a special welfare gamblers and nightlife lovers. Alaska California Alaska mountains, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Tordrillo is the best time to travel in June, this is the bachelors summer Carnival wonderful place. The tourists can be exciting here outdoor skiing, indoor will provide massage services and a series of exclusive private chef. New South Wales, Australia, Sydney, a helicopter bar trip to Sydney, a single helicopter for the singles to provide three unique bar tour. Guests will be lucky to hover over the city of New South Wales overlooking the city and landing on the bar street in australia. Norway, the North Pole party if you want a single adventure rather than the party, then try this article from the Norway Svalbard to Baniou hiking routes. At Baniou, the helicopter will take you to the nearest pole, then you can champagne and celebrate his feat of roe sauce. Indonesia Bali (Bali, Indonesia), Julia Fiona Roberts saw the pastoral life play "Eat, Pray, Love and enjoy it! A person’s travel "should not forget to live wake up every day from all sides full of trees birds insects Bali VILLA kind of comfortable life, if you feel your heart is not calm, pack up and come here to do yoga and spa, experience the pastoral life! Niuxi.相关的主题文章: