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India Kashmir fire casualties caused a dozen foreign media concerns or cause a nuclear war map: original title: India Kashmir India exercises fire casualties caused a dozen foreign media concern or lead to nuclear war India’s military said, the India army 28 midnight on the Pakistan side of the line of control in Kashmir launched a "surgical strike", causing heavy casualties to Pakistan. Pakistan denied it was a "surgical strike" in India, saying it was a firefight, killing 2 soldiers and injuring more than 9 others. Pakistani Prime Minister Sheriff condemned the 29 India behavior is "naked aggression", the Pakistani army has the ability to thwart any destruction of evil "". "India times" quoted 29 India army sources said that India’s military monitoring for a week of Kashmir is located 250 kilometers northwest of Peng Qi 7 transmitting stations after 28 midnight launch "surgical strike" to the end of the 29 day at 4:30 in the morning, but until 8 in the morning. When. India’s military said it was because of the Pakistan ceasefire agreement, the Indian army opened fire, forcing the Indian army to respond, revenge killed two Pakistani soldiers. Responsible for the attack of the Indian Army General Singer responsible person said, according to the "reliable and specific sources of information", India’s military position on the Pakistan side of the line of control in Kashmir ammunition launcher, the launch pad is intended to infiltrate and terrorist attacks on Jammu and kashmir". The Indian army’s attack, "at least two terrorist camps were destroyed," intended to prevent attacks against major cities in India. "India times" 29, said the Palestinian side of the India area for the infiltration of terrorists continue to increase, the India military this year, found that the infiltration of the incident from the more than and 20. The official Palestinian media website ISPR said, 29 am, near the Indian army in the India Pakistan line of control for fire Pakistan, causing the deaths of 2 soldiers. But Pakistan denied the Indian army surgical strike, claimed that the armed forces in the crossfire. Pakistani defense minister expressed, if India were second hit, will give a strong return. Reuters said that the Indian army launched a military strike against India and Pakistan raised concerns, especially the two countries may be a nuclear war.相关的主题文章: