Hebei Yanjiao National Day opening price of 40 thousand part developers cover disc Xishou beef怎么读�

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Hebei Yanjiao National Day opening price of 40 thousand part developers cover disc Xishou Yanjiao: National Day opening price reached 40 thousand! Some developers cover Xishou Yanjiao town and Beijing Tongzhou District only separated by a river, after the National Day on the eve of the Beijing property market purchase upgrades, Yanjiao property market is what kind of impact? Reporters this morning just entered Hebei, Yanjiao, along the road, there are a lot of leaflets distributed to the past vehicle sales staff. In a real estate sales Chaobai River, staff told reporters, opened here in October 6th, the price reached 40 thousand yuan, while in July 2015 the sales price is only fifteen thousand yuan, but even this price, opened three days of housing almost sold out, most of the buyers in Beijing here. Yanjiao, a real estate sales staff: a house immediately clear, a total of more than and 50 sets, and now there are no more than 20. The about one million is quite shocking, so, a small pocket, all hold cash. The sales staff told reporters, in fact, this price has exceeded the local housing authority 24 thousand yuan for the record price, while developers are very popular in violation of local regulations. Even so there are many developers in the cover plate waiting for prices to rise. Yanjiao, a real estate sales staff: we are in the sale of the house is the home of other people to stay in the house, the last opening of the Housing Authority has been prepared in the case. People will not sell you before the record price, he would like to earn the price he pulled out, this part of the price is not reflected in the contract. Why do we make fine decoration, clear tell you, is to find a right price. The industry believes that Beijing some housing prices rise, Beijing property market is affected by the spillover effect, but this is temporary, with the policy of the end of the adjustment period, no good resources will support the regional housing prices leveled off, in addition they also do not rule out the introduction of measures to continue to limit prices. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: