European stocks edged down 0.1% Wednesday, 5 days break even Bayer pared gains 乃々果花

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European stocks edged down 0.1% Wednesday, 5 days break even Bayer pared gains U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes FX168 News warrants the European stock market fell slightly on Wednesday, gave up early gains, the main crude oil and luxury stocks fell, and the German chemical pharmaceutical giant Bayer from the highs, Bayer had announced a $66 billion acquisition of Monsanto’s trading. Britain’s FTSE 100 closed up 0.12%, France shares CAC-40 index declined 0.39%, stock index fell 0.08% in 30 de DAX. European stocks overall situation benchmark: STOXX 600 index fell 0.1%, due to oil price decline intensified low energy sector. This is the European stock market fell for fifth consecutive days, the continuation of the recent weak trend, the market is worried about the effectiveness of the central bank policy, leading to the recent sell-off in the global market. Since the European Central Bank said last week that it did not discuss the expansion of the stimulus plan, the European stocks have been under pressure. The market is also concerned about whether the Fed will raise interest rates next week. Hargreaves Lansdown research director Mark Dampier said the Fed and the Bank of Japan is expected this month before the crucial meeting, the market will be nervous. "I think that in the next few days before the arrival of a new round of macro events, the market will be more flat, may decline," he said. Bayer only closed up 0.3%, in the acquisition of Monsanto’s trading after the announcement, Bayer shares up was up 4.7%. Bayer will be $128 per share cash price of the acquisition of Monsanto, bid lower than many analysts expected. Some analysts said the deal would help Bayer maintain its competitive position. The French luxury Hermes shares fell, fell 8.8%, after the company said, from the beginning of next year to stop releasing annual sales growth forecast for trade, environmental uncertainty. The Swiss luxury goods manufacturers Richemont (Richemont) fell 3.9% after the company announced 13% decline in the five months ended August sales, and dragged the industry told Swatch (Swatch) shares fell. Proofreading: Jun bin editor: Li Wu SF053相关的主题文章: