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Samsung responded China executives collective knees: under investigation before conclusion – Digital Sohu recently, a "China Samsung executives" dealers collective knees in the micro-blog pictures crazy pass, and aroused a great disturbance. Many users believe that, in China, kneel object is the world, their parents and elders, forcing employees to kneel down, this is an insult to the Chinese people’s personality. It is understood that this time occurred in the Shijiazhuang Office of the Samsung on autumn dinner orders. Seen from the figure, a few participants at the dinner table filled with food and drink to eat. There is also a picture of Samsung Galaxy C9 posters. In October 29th, micro-blog note "Samsung security edition Note7 the world’s first fried witness" @ old old back micro-blog said: "in order to let the dealer orders, Samsung employees collective knees?" And @ Samsung Electronics, questioned said: what is your corporate culture? This is in China, below knee gold." According to Nanfang Daily reported that Samsung (China) official responsible for public relations in response to the Nanfang Daily reporter interviewed said that due to much media attention, Samsung has conducted a survey on this issue, but there is no conclusion can be announced. "May be grateful, Samsung Note 7 burning after the accident, dealers still never abandon, which makes executives very moved, for the gift." The person said, "in Korea, kneeling is the gift, is to express very grateful, very appreciate each other, in this drama, we can often see." Previously, the media also quoted the Samsung (China) a person in charge of the case, the dealer under a lot of orders, kneel to appreciate the support of dealers. And that is the first South Korean Samsung executives have to kneel, China executives also follow the line down. Affected by the Note 7 burning incident, Samsung’s operating results in the third quarter greatly reduced. Samsung’s operating profit of 5 trillion and 200 billion won (about $4 billion 600 million), down 30%. Note 7 production also makes Samsung mobile business "cliff" down, the mobile sector operating profit fell 98%, only $87 million 840 thousand.相关的主题文章: