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When you enter WWW in your browser, you know it’s 25 years old? PingWest cyzhou you may not realize that it is 25 years old when you hit the WWW in the browser’s address bar every day. In 1991 August, Tim · Berners Lee alt.hypertext news group posted on the web project brief article, which marks the debut of the world wide web of public services on the internet. August is also the month of the world wide web technology. From a historical point of view, 25 years is not long, but the world wide web in the past 25 years, the impact is enormous. For people who have become accustomed to the Internet, it’s hard to imagine what it would be like if we could not open any web page in the browser’s address and enter the WWW character. So, when we can not do without the world wide web every day, may wish to look at some of the stories behind it. The web is not equal to the Internet when it comes to the web, you might naturally think of the Internet, and the two equate. In fact, the world wide web is not equal to the Internet, it is only part of the internet. The world wide web is a system composed of many hypertext links that can be accessed over the internet. It is just one of the services provided by the Internet, which is a service running on the internet. In contrast, the Internet contains a wider range, such as supporting e-mail infrastructure, peer to peer networks, file sharing, IP telephony services, etc.. Tim · Berners Lee and Robert · outstanding contribution to the birth of Cailliau along with the development of the world wide web web cannot do without the two scientists: Tim · Berners Lee and Robert · Cailliau. The former is a British computer scientist, while the latter is a Belgian computer scientist. Tim · Berners Lee in 1989, the European Organization for nuclear research is Europe’s largest Internet node. Berners – Lee therefore saw the opportunity to combine hypertext systems with the Internet: "as long as the hypertext system and transmission control protocol, domain name system together, you can get the world wide web"! Then, Berners – Lee in September 1990 to December created a system, called the world wide web. During this time, Lee and Berners – Lee jointly launched the project funding plan, and become a key supporter of the project. It is not difficult to see that the birth of the world wide web and many of the most influential theory, similar things — the basic work have been done, just need someone to further, these basic things together. Robert · the core part of Kallio of the world wide web is composed of three standards: URI, HTTP, HTML as above mentioned, the core part of the world wide web is composed of three standards: a uniform resource identifier (URI), which is a system.相关的主题文章: