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Short hair, hook, pin, three pieces of treasure of ancient midwife? Sohu – mother in ancient times, most women choose private midwives, these private midwives is "midwife" or "midwives". Since ancient times, people will not treat death rebirth, a child is very contradictory, on the one hand to the continuation of incense, on the other hand, as the blood light contamination unlucky. Although Chinese Medicine Department of gynaecology, but Chinese doctors believe that children are dirty things, disdain to do. The top priority for children, falls on the midwife’s body. The midwife in ancient times and are experienced in older women as they generally will be in their own house before hanging a plaque as an advertisement: "light horse, Wang admission". Once the maternal parturient, the family quickly put the midwife at the home, the midwife experienced will command the family to the mat on the bed removed, covered with a fine layer of loess, the ash with an old piece of cloth "dust bag, let women sit on waiting for delivery. The midwife will hold a small basket, there are a lot of things for the baby in the basket, there are three things, that is strange, short hair, sickle, rolling pin. What is the use of short hair? If the maternal life long time does not come out, the midwife will let your hair down maternal swallow, so that mothers due to gastrointestinal discomfort, vomiting, increased abdominal pressure, promote fetal birth decline. If there is no effect, some midwives will come up with a rolling pin, appropriate force, in the maternal belly roll a few, let the children rushed out. A role is in after the birth of a child, the child after birth, the midwife scalded with boiling water or burned the sickle, neonatal umbilical cord, which means "sickle takako". After a series of work, the midwife task is completed. The average life expectancy is low, mainly dragged down the high neonatal mortality, ancient people, almost every family has a premature infant. Medicine developed in the era, not only for the majority of the midwife maternity services, and because of the backwardness and ignorance of the technology and techniques delivered by people accused.. Therefore, the old midwife delivery method, by western medicine impact and challenge in modern times, because of the limitations of midwife and non scientific, they gradually encountered technical bottlenecks and a crisis of confidence. In the new China after the establishment of the government special training a group of midwives, teach them new delivery method, greatly reduce maternal and infant mortality across the country, but also the concept of fertility and scientific methods of progressive people, won the majority of the masses of the party and the country’s identity, then, and encourage women to the hospital production, now, people hospitalized rate basically has reached one hundred percent, the midwife this occupation has quit the stage of history, instead we help midwives, pregnant women to complete the work in a modern hospital. This is a historical progress made in China’s maternal mortality rate continued to decline, China to 12th Five-Year ended, the maternal mortality rate was 201 thousand and 100, down from before, the infant mortality rate dropped to 8.1 per thousand, ahead of the united.相关的主题文章: