Guangdong 3 people were funded by overseas workers to incite extreme rights was sentenced to probati hit5杨帆

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Guangdong 3 overseas funded workers extreme activist was sentenced to probation – Panyu District people’s Court of Guangzhou city Sohu news Xinhua news agency in Guangzhou on 26 September, 26, held a public hearing Ceng Feiyang, Tang Huanxing Zhu Xiaomei, to disturb the social order case and the court verdict, found Ceng Feiyang guilty of the crime mob to disturb social order, sentenced to three years in prison. Four years of probation; Determination of Huanxing soup made to disturb the social order of the crime, sentenced to one year and six months, suspended for two years; that Zhu Xiaomei committed the crime mob to disturb social order, was sentenced to one year and six months, suspended for two years. The 3 defendants in court pleaded guilty to repentance, obey the court ruling, no appeal. 26 day of the trial from the beginning of the 9, lasted a total of 5 hours. Guangzhou Panyu District city procuratorate send personnel to support the prosecution in court, the defendant Ceng Feiyang, Tang Huanxing, Zhu Xiaomei and his defenders to take part in the proceedings. Families of the accused, the city people’s Congress and CPPCC members, business representatives, staff representatives and some domestic and foreign media reporters to attend the trial. In court investigation stage, the court summoned the witness Feng Moumou testify in court. The public prosecutor according to interrogation of the defendant, to ask questions, read the testimony of witnesses, produce documentary evidence, material evidence, expert opinion, electronic data, broadcast audio-visual materials. The prosecutor and the defender made a cross examination of the evidence. That the 3 defendants answer the prosecutor questioned their long-term acceptance of outside organizations, funding and training, Guangzhou City, Panyu District City West Bridge to Ceng Feiyang’s business service department for peasant workers (the Department of industry and commerce registration has been canceled) as the platform, labor activism in china. In the court debate stage, both parties on the 3 defendants are planning, organization, command and staff gains collective work stoppage and implementation to disturb social order, whether or not to disturb the social order to disturb the social order the seriousness of the case and the defendant’s sentencing, fully express their opinions. The 3 defendants have no objection to the criminal facts and charges charged by the public prosecution organ. Ceng Feiyang bowed his head in the final statement". He said, I have accepted some of the training and funding of foreign organizations in China, in accordance with their request to incite the organization of workers in an extreme way of rights, make things big, make an impact. In this process, I got a lot of money overseas, also known as the so-called "labor star". I desire, even in the "service" by the relevant departments banned, also do not repent, continue under the banner of "service" under the banner of inciting workers rioted, seriously disrupting social order, causing huge losses to the enterprise. I seriously violated the law, as some foreign organizations confuse our country tools. I apologize for the loss to the enterprise, the society and the workers, and express my deep regret for the great harm to my family. I hope you will give me as a ring, do not go on when some of the overseas organizations, their rights and interests must be protected through legal channels and channels. Tang Huanxing in the final statement thanks to the handling unit for his patient education and life care. He said, I have Feiyang drawn into "service department", under the command of his participation in the group.相关的主题文章: