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Strategic missile nests: Rockets underground the Great Wall created by these people – Sohu military channel data figure: Engineering warriors fighting bath fire, welding operations. The International Herald Tribune reported on September 14th: Modern Warfare is to develop a multidimensional space. In addition to the traditional triphibious war, but also to expand the space into outer space and electromagnetic fields. However, there is a space of war, although it already has, but has been ignored by the outside world, that is – "underground battlefield". We often see in the sky: Missile direct flights from high mountains and lofty hills picture, but we may ignore the missile soar feet. The likely scenario is: the towering mountains, impenetrable depths of the rock, hiding a huge underground military fortress — inside the complex structure, facilities, personnel is numerous, large pieces of the missile is called "national Jack" is hidden in this, they are elusive, always staring opponent to defend the national security strategy. These underground fortifications are called "underground Chinese the Great Wall", and the construction of them, it is known as "a missile nest" rocket troops, it is the only one of the engineering construction corps troops, charged with the protection of national defense construction and engineering operations and non war military operations tasks. Recently, this reporter was invited to visit the troops opened a corner of this mysterious division of the veil. What did the mysterious teacher do? The army has an unwritten rule: no matter where advance, cannot tell whether the officers and soldiers in the relatives; what do, are not allowed to reveal to the public. So, in the decades of history, this mysterious Division has ever done? If the list is listed, it will be very long. For example, when the Shenzhou spacecraft flying away from earth, the spacecraft lifted off the Jiuquan satellite launch base. When China announced the ability to resist nuclear weapons, the position of the position and dignity of the first strategic missile positions. A gold pierced the air of various types of missiles, they fly under fire many underground military bases, even without speech. This list could have been listed on the launch tower Chinese: the first atomic bomb, the first hydrogen bomb, the first man-made earth satellite installation task. China’s first missile test base and the construction of the first missile positions. Also, the Great Hall of the people, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and BeiJing Capital Airport and other national projects…… Have this force to participate in the figure. The troops are still a war-torn baptism, growing up from the smoke of the crack troops. Participated in the Anti Japanese War, participated in the liberation war in the "three campaign"; then go out into the field to Aid Vietnam, etc.. The victory of these wars can not be separated from the engineering force. Listen to their stories, can not help but tears to build these huge underground works, what is a group of soldiers? Frankly, they are not mysterious, their faces are more ordinary, but if you listen to their stories, you may not be able to help tears run, they are the most lovable people". For example, many soldiers from.相关的主题文章: