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The government of Henan province interviewed 50 air pollution enterprises — Environmental Protection — original title: Henan provincial government interviewed 50 air pollution enterprises according to the Xinhua news agency in August 28th Zhengzhou Henan provincial government today on the 50 air pollution enterprises to conduct interviews, requiring rectification, refuses to correct, will be the responsibility of the relevant personnel shall be investigated according to discipline. Recently, Henan province continued to increase air pollution prevention and control efforts, dealt with a number of illegal enterprises of environmental pollution, atmospheric environmental quality has been significantly improved, but there are still some enterprises the main responsibility for the implementation of pollution control is not in place, there is a wait-and-see phenomenon, some corporate governance the slow progress of the project. To this end, the Henan provincial government on 50 industrial pollution control, waste serious slow superovulation, environmental safety risks of the enterprises and units mainly responsible for the interviews, the deadline for governance, environmental protection subject compaction of corporate responsibility. Henan provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Director Li Heping introduction, the interviews rectification enterprises include: Henan Longsheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 22 without the approval of the EIA unauthorized production enterprises, Long Hao glass company 15 illegal emissions exceed the standard of repeated sewage enterprises, Zhongyuan Dahua Group and other 13 key pollution control the slow progress of the project of enterprise. Among them, the implementation of the law to stop production enterprises 26, removal of facilities or banned enterprises or units of 9, a total fine of $9 million 930 thousand, a large number of small scattered poor enterprises were closed down. Xinyang City, Luoshan county government due entirely to urge the rectification responsibility, resulting in 14 polluting enterprises did not take any pollution control measures, Luoshan county government official was asked to review the statement. After the interviews, the relevant units and enterprises need to submit a rectification plan, the Henan provincial environmental protection department will organize inspection review, for the implementation of the rectification and treatment of the place and enterprises will be strictly carried out the investigations of accountability. (commissioning editor Jiang Qi and Shi Yaqiao)相关的主题文章: