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Tourists home Kamiyama guanzhishan, play guanzai Baixiang Secret Valley Resort – Sohu tourism guanzhishan who is known as the "Hakka mountain", "life mountain", since ancient times: "North South" said Yi Zhi, Fujian Wuyishan in the north and south of the GuanZhai mountain two mountain belong to the Wuyi mountains. Guanzai mountain is located 1 kilometers east of Fujian Liancheng county. A mountain in the county of East 1.5 kilometers down Qi Wu Li, not even the gang from far away from potential does not care. Scenic area of 123 square kilometers. Is the "Fujian top ten scenic area, national key scenic spots. From the north of Shenzhen high-speed rail station to high-speed rail direct guanzhishan train station every day only one class of 12:50, high-speed rail tickets 197 yuan, drive 5 hours of this. The GuanZhai mountain train station take the bus to the bus station 10 block of Liancheng County of about 20 minutes, take a taxi to the Longyan county seat occupancy from guanzai Peru Baixiang Valley Resort Hotel 10 dollars for 5 minutes, to the hotel is already the evening. 10 meters high area of about 1000 square meters of spacious lobby floor windows, transparent and bright, the lobby furnishings several sets of wood sofa, guests can sit chat in the hotel lobby, the hotel decoration should spend a lot of thought, everywhere highlight the Hakka culture, more than thirty meters long wooden hotel front desk, desk reception smiling, quick check proof of identity. See the front of woodblock printing fun, the guy said the scene immediately make a woodblock printing picture for me, but also cover the hotel seal. The receptionist told me every day the hotel will provide a lot of free vacation experience project for the guests, but also have their own exclusive vacation advisors for you tailored to fit their own holidays: morning run, hiking, riding, archery, spring, Tai Chi, yoga and so on. It also has a swimming pool and two national standards the tennis court, these are free. The hotel is entering the room to Hakka style building, the room is very spacious, about 5-60 square meters, cloth lampshade, imitation of other Zhangmu wooden furniture, exquisite, plaid window decoration, as well as the old mud rock, pure handmade tea, coke, two bottles of 1 liters and two bottles of 500 ml of mineral water and Sprite refrigerator, Orange Juice, Tieguanyin tea are free, 1.8 meters wide bed, soft, moderate, bed set a good Hakka fan, in particular, white sheets, quilt cover, pillow is clean. The bed and small snacks, and blue and white small sachet, fabric sofa, hotel WIFI full coverage, fast, and fruit dish on the table of LCD tv. Electric irons, wardrobe bathrobes, safes, umbrellas, disposable slippers hanger also very delicate, the most noteworthy is the magic hanger, every hotel have a headache for drying clothes, the folding clothes hanger for drying clothes no trouble! Restroom bathtub washbasin toilets are very clean and new, this hotel was opened in 2015, so all hotel facilities are very new, bath and three sizes of the yellow duck, children can play a bath. Hair dryer, disposable toiletries are complete. There is a free service in particular, that is, the hotel also called the waiter free.相关的主题文章: