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26 minutes and 40 seconds! The steel frame 1150 meters bridge across the Yangtze River (map) "the Yangtze River crossing engineering support – 2016" military exercises 26 minutes and 40 seconds! 1150 meters across the steel pontoons engineering support ability "the Yangtze River — Central Army pontoon bridge brigade under the condition of informatization work began to temper!" With the central army pontoon bridge brigade command, the waters, a team of officers and soldiers are ready, a car van. Place the lower bridge bridge in the long direction, at predetermined crossing site…… On August 29th, the "Yangtze River 2016" crossing engineering support military exercises held in the waters, this is the first time in 33 years the brigade again frame through the main channel of the Yangtze River, the exercise started at 9:25 in the morning. The anchor bridge in place!" At 9:35, the water in the service unit Du operation for water channel blockade, the warning; two groups of special pontoon bridge is scheduled to arrive at the shore waters broke down, building on both sides of Zhanqiao. Immediately, the anchor bridge crossing the field to arrive. The splash, and jump door, skillfully operate. Anchored bridge with waves of ups and downs. "The bridge can accurate positioning?" At this time, the long river bridge side of the observation, while adjusting the bridge angle, distance, speed, some action at one go. At the same time, the bridge 2000 meters downstream, officers and soldiers are using 12 assault boats carrying 1 pontoon ferry false reflector open field, eliminating enemy radar wave interference using the reflection period for the first time, to ensure the smooth erection of bridge. 9:43, soldiers being No. 7 bridge connection, suddenly received a warning unit report, in the upper 1000 meters 1 pontoon bridge is unknown to the guard to quickly identify the nature of the pontoon long report, and timely remove danger". The bridge erected in full swing, and constant danger. Suddenly the shrill siren sounded: "enemy" machine struck; see soldiers were calm, quickly use camouflage and smoke curtain, camouflage and deception method, multi decomposition to set up the bridge, a bridge is installed successfully by solution transfer. Alarm release. The number of hidden on the shore of the road bridge at the same time to start the motor, ship officers use accurate positioning of the radar, a bridge to the extension is everything in good order and well arranged. "Successful occlusion pontoon!" 9:51 40 seedlings, with the two sides of the import and export of construction is completed, the report to the command post long pontoon. So far, a total length of 1150 meters of the bridge closure. Fire scene! Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and equipment quickly through the bridge, the north and south strategic maneuver task. A bridge across the north and south, thanks to the support ability of insurmountable, we this year to further promote the combat training efforts and exploration.相关的主题文章: