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Telecommunications fraud tactics: the owners just for insurance to compensate crooks posing new network phone – in life in August 25th reported recently, just for insurance claims city public Liu encountered a scam, a fake insurance company calls, so the bank teller machine operation, but fortunately Liu higher vigilance not included. Reporters learned that the city for nearly a week, more than the insurance company received customer consultation. 22, Ms. Liu in the vicinity of the car when the car will be opened to the collapse of the road, the car was scratched, maintenance claims. 23, Ms. Liu received an insurance company sent the amount of SMS messages, claims for $1321.56. 24 afternoon, Ms. Liu received from section 170 phone number, the other is a woman, claiming to be the insurance company claims department, said "financial department manager Chen Jianguo," mobile phone can go fast claims channel. Ms. Liu at first did not believe, then the accurate name, type, time to hit the car, gave Liu a number of insurance indemnity". Ms. Liu skeptical to call Chen’s mobile phone number, "Chen Liu told her claims amounted to 1000 yuan, took the bank card to the agricultural bank teller machine operation to obtain a" receipt ", and then into the claims submitted on Liu’s account, and next year the cost of auto insurance do not go up. When Liu asked how to operate, Chen said when she told him how to operate, and urged her to go out quickly, otherwise it may affect the account. Hear here, Ms. Liu understand that they are encountered telecommunications fraud, she gave her insurance company called to verify, was told there is no such workflow. Reporters also call the manager of the phone, the other insisted that he was a Heilongjiang branch, when the reporter said the other cell phone number is displayed as Beijing, and is ready to continue to ask questions, the other immediately hung up the phone. 24, a number of insurance companies, the reporter consulted city they said, nearly a week since the customer feedback is similar to auto insurance telecommunications fraud appeared several. PICC Heilongjiang branch claims division of nuclear damage claims center director Hu Bo said, "claims are insurance companies into the customer’s account, will not allow customers to operate on their own." Hu Bo reminded, in received claiming to be the insurance company phone, to be vigilant, companies do not require customers to personal money go to the account of others, it is impossible because of a wrong allocation of indemnity for refund then transfer, no need to deposit receipt or practice. Owners, such as the occurrence of suspicious circumstances in the claims, should contact the insurance company in a timely manner. (Tang Wenwen)相关的主题文章: