Autumn and winter makeup new bombing! Here take you right to open the colorful autumn makeup! (video 下北glory days

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Autumn and winter makeup new bombing! Here take you right to open the colorful autumn makeup! Baby, Xiao Bian today to tell you a good news! This fall over a new line, a wave of autumn color pavement and! Full of extravagant taste. We cover the wallet, these terrible products to plunder us! This week, we take you to this season’s in "color forest" and teach you the color of the correct way to open open the season makeup most chop hand guide…… What is the essence of the female star? Mention bright cream foundation mixed with more natural dazzling color how to use small series this will take you to correct the color of autumn and winter! The rich color of deep purple, red, green, and always filled with the rich and attractive color, like a mature woman full of charm, in the autumn maple leaf in the leisurely walking, and enchanting charm. Many drunk red show demonstration: 2015 red wine has been the Dolce & Gabbana show makeup is a seductive tone, sultry with sexy on the lips, in the eye makeup is to create a hazy feeling tipsy, and people couldn’t stop his eyes. Representative: CHANELChanel winter make-up make-up series Chanel LES 4 new #268Chanel OMBRES 2016 winter color this season makeup reeked of fragrant wine red! They invited Kristen Steward to speak, to show female " dangerous, warm and destructive charm. They also launched the palette to wine red as the main color, the red tone eye shadow very soft and deep, is a rare Chanel pure tone matte shadow, inconspicuous swelling, style is full, called "Gouhun disc". But the matte shadow easily dirty, we start must be light. Small red highlight: now if you are worried about the male makeup create sensation cut a large area of the superimposed red shadow towering and conspicuous swollen, it may choose to create a touch of red, delicate and touching rabbit eyes, red wine drunk feeling overflowing, plus charm effect! Step1: do the earth closer to the color of the earth color eye shadow in the upper eyelids, gently dizzy, not too heavy Step2: use eyeliner or pen head from the eye to the tail pulled out to rise one of the key steps of Eyeliner lines, this is the charm of makeup. Step3: at the end of the lower eyelid painted red eye shadow, and beneath the halo to the eye, eye head or lightly brighten the silkworm pen, eyelashes in the eyelash brush on the eye cream, charm is finished. Raspberry: show presentation: 2015 Milan spring show makeup lipstick plum has been hot in autumn and winter, seemingly 3 meters is very difficult to control field, but in fact the raspberry is a very white color, and comes with high sense. In recent years, with the advanced like a plum color makeup, is always very eye-catching, this year’s autumn and winter can not miss! Representative Makeup: Tom Ford 2016 autumn and winter limited Tom Ford winter orchid limited series TomFord orchid series lipstick (left: BlackOrchid right: Velvet).相关的主题文章: