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Greece will gradually cancel the capital controls – International – Greek Prime Minister Tsipras in September 10th to attend the eighty-first session of the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair opening ceremony, and said in his speech, all indications are that the Greek economy after a disastrous 5 years, is from negative to positive. Plath promised that the Greek government will gradually abolish capital controls and other measures to further promote the Greek economic recovery. Qi Plath promised that the Greek government will complete the second review of the third round of the Greek rescue plan as soon as possible, in order to obtain the next bailout loans from international creditors, for the latter again to reduce Greek debt, efforts will also be made to Greece is included in the current ECB quantitative loose plan. He also called on domestic and foreign investors to increase investment in Greece, and stressed that the risk of the Greek economy has ceased to exist". As Tsipras said, the Greek economy in the first three quarters of 2016, there are positive signs, performance exceeded expectations. The Bureau of statistics data show that the country’s economy in the first quarter seasonally adjusted QoQ decline 0.1% year-on-year, although still show a decline of 0.7%, but compared with the expected 0.5% QoQ still better than many; the second quarter GDP growth of 0.2% in greece. In addition, the Greek unemployment rate also fell to 23.4% in June, down by 1.5 percentage points. Analysts believe that the Greek economy and in the third round of bailout plans are inseparable, from international creditors bailout loans to ease the financial difficulties of Greece, and international creditors will be held next week to return to Greece second review, scheduled to decide whether Greece sent down a total amount of 2 billion 800 million euros in loans. Although the Greek economy gets warmer, but the media here still cautious attitude. Plath himself admitted that the Greek economy to get rid of the recession depends on many external factors. Emphasize the media interview Tsipras the day before, the Greek economy to restore sustainable growth, we need to give generous support in international creditors "debt problem". But the international creditors on the Greek government reform has slowly veiled criticism, the current focus is Greece can complete the second review on time, when the debt reduction on the agenda also can make nothing of it. At the 9 meeting of the working group on the euro zone, the euro zone finance ministers still urged Greece to accelerate the reform process. The European Commission of economic and financial affairs, tax and customs union member Moss who also believes that Greece needs 15 reforms are currently only completed 2, the remaining 13 have not yet started. "We are making some progress," Moss Yanukovich said, "but the Greek government must complete these reforms, we are waiting for their sincerity and efficiency". In addition to external factors, Greece’s domestic political situation is not optimistic. The latest polls show that the leadership of the ruling coalition of the radical left coalition led by Plath is only 17.5%, behind the opposition New Democratic Party of Greece, a full percentage point of 10. If the gap continues to widen, Greece will be difficult to avoid the third general election in two years, to the country’s economy, this is tantamount to a "heavy fist". (Rome, September, 11)相关的主题文章: