50+ is the test of the value of these girls have become a girl punyu

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50+ is the test standard of Yan these women are living as girls lead: 20+ collagen is full, not worthy of envy, 50+ is the test of yen value standard. These Hollywood superstars do not rely on speculation, 50+ Yan Yan Yan Yan yan! (source: OnlyLady Haley – Berry woman chi) age is not an excuse to live as they urge the old 50+ girl Haley Berry – age: 50 years old and most of the big Hollywood women are not the same, Haley – Berry is a beauty contest champion birth. Haley Berry for the first time in the spotlight in 1985, at the age of 17, her as "miss Ohio" in the 20 years following miss, was chosen as the winner of the Miss Teen usa". In 1986, she participated in the Miss USA Pageant campaign, was elected Miss america". As colored people, can get these beauty pageant title in the year, can really be selected out of the black pearl. 50 year old Haley – Berry, divorced for the first time, the birth of the first child of this year, the 50 year old – – Berry, divorced for the second time, produced the first three children, into the mature stage, but she still maintained the best state of the state of the world, the first time, the three year old, and she was the first time the children of the world, the first time this year, the first time, the first time the children of the world, the first time, the first time, the children of divorce, the first time, the three year old. The secret of Haley – Berry is the morning after washing with pure vitamin C coated on the face, and then coated with moisturizing cream recipe for Haley – Berry is the morning after washing with pure vitamin C coated on the face, and then coated with moisturizing cream. Vitamin C is a large number of elements contained in the fruit, there is a miracle to promote the growth of collagen, help repair senile plaques. Christie – Christie Brinkley’s age: 62 years old this year has been 62 year old Christie’s 62 year old is the mother of three children. This year, 62 years old, she believes that the fullness of the hair is a sign of youth. In addition to the daily diet and exercise restraint, Christie · Brinkley attached great importance to the maintenance of the hair, and make hair, a head of hair glossy and very abundance by age. Sandra – Bullock – – age: 52 years old won the magazine magazine’s annual global top of the list of the United States of America, the top of the list – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – that the old age that". Sandra Bullock – the skin smooth and delicate, eyes, fine lines is also pitiful. Sandra, a 50 – year – old actress, is nearly as fast as the actress, who is now at the age of 50 – and never shows a tired look in the face of the actress, the actress, the actress, who is nearly a year old by the time she is a star of the year. Her secret is to use the usual treatment of acne Preparation H painted on the lower eyelids, so that the eyes look like a full rest. Cindy Crawford – Cindy Crawford – age: 50 year old supermodel Cindy Crawford nearly 50 years old, the skin is still smooth and flawless. It is said that in order to keep the skin soft and smooth, every day with whole milk deposited in the face. Dairy products contain lactic acid, lactic acid is a component of many skin care products, because it can effectively remove the skin natural skin, moisturize skin. Do not let the season sold out the age of winter is more likely to show old? Don’t let the season betray the winter the weather is cold and dry,!相关的主题文章: