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Wine-Spirits If you are planning to keep work aside for a while and relax with your dear ones, Singapore would be an ideal destination to choose. The island country in Asia is a wonderful place to enjoy a lot of fabulous moments for people of all types. The amazing nightlife is one thing that you would definitely love in this country. The weekends in this country would provide you with an experience that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Here are few places that would gift you with the best of nightlife experience in the country. Marina Bay In order to experience the true beauty of nightlife in Singapore, you should definitely visit the Marina Bay during the dark hours. You will definitely make your visit to the place if you happen to view the Bay during sun set from the Singapore Flyer. The view is simply mind-blowing. This is one of the rare places on earth which has an immaculate aerial as well as ground level views. The government of the country did invest a lot of money to make this place a traveler’s haven. When you think of nightlife in Singapore when you get back home after your vacation, this is one place that will cross your minds first for sure. Merlion Park One of the prime attractions of Singapore, the Merlion Park is another great tourist spot that gives you a fabulous experience during the evening hours. The 8.6 meter tall Singaporean idol, Merlion statue, can be found in the park that is spread over 2500 square meters. You will be able to enjoy a peaceful time in this beautiful surroundings. The place would be crowded with a lot of people towards the evening time but you will not be in the middle of a noisy crowd. People visit the place to enjoy the beauty of the place and to take a look at the beautiful statues that spits out water like that of a fountain. Your little ones will also love the magnificently crafted statue. HarbourFront The HarbourFront area of Singapore is the best place in southern part of the country to experience the goodness of nightlife. There are plenty of great places in this district to shop and have a fun time with family. Bargaining with the vendors at the night stalls, window-shopping at malls and simply enjoying the beauty of the place can be a great way to spend time in this place. Some of the best bars in Singapore can be found in this area. Downtown East The NTUC Downtown East is one of the premium entertainment zones in the country. You can find all sorts of entertainment options in this place and some fabulous restaurants too. The electronic hub, water theme park and some fabulous resorts makes it a popular place among the tourists. When the place is lit up during the dark hours, it indeed provides a great treat to your eyes. Clubs and Pubs If you don’t want to visit any place in particular but want to simply enjoy the nightlife in the country, you should definitely check out the pubs and bars in Singapore. The pubs are places that provide you with high voltage music and dance experiences along with some fabulous drinks. You will not feel bored even for a minute once you enter one of the most renowned pubs in the country. If you are traveling to Singapore, do not spend all your nights in the hotel rooms. Outside there are plenty of entertainment options waiting for you. The nightlife is something that should never miss out in Singapore! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: