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5 features, you can see a child is gifted or poor! Don’t believe the Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual primary school children used the forming period of various learning habits will begin to gradually solidified, even with the child’s life. Of course, this study habits include both good habits and bad ones. The children in the primary school stage shows good or bad learning habits, will to some extent foreseeable or the poor child is gifted in the future learning career. In the child’s learning, parents must know, nip in the bud. The children in the future will become the teacher, parents in the eyes of the so-called "poor students", from the following habits can be judged. The study in the parents of many children love love and bargaining in learning and parents bargaining. Mother let the child to do homework before watching TV, he proposed exchange: after I finish my homework to watch TV for an hour more than usual; mother let the children to study hard, strive for the examination of progress, he was contemplating a deal: test progress you want to buy toys and go to the amusement park…… In life, children and parents to be too numerous to enumerate examples of bargaining. This kind of bargaining, perhaps in the short term to achieve the desired effect, but it will not be lasting. Moreover, the child will lose the initiative to pursue knowledge motivation and interest. Learning is a long road, this only consider the immediate interests of the reward is very fragile. In fact, think carefully, children love to bargain, curse of the parents. Parents often say to the child: "if you get a full mark this exam, I will buy you a toy car." "If you finish your homework, I’ll show you a cartoon." You always talk with the children, children and how not to follow suit in turn to bargain with you? Children can always be very keen to feel that you are asking them, they will feel that they have a bargaining chip in the hands of the conditions, naturally know how to bargain with their parents. Children bargaining, parents must keep their positions. No matter how children Ruanmoyingpao, parents are not to be softhearted. Gently patiently to the child repeatedly why, let the children understand the position and principles, you slowly, the child will quit. Parents should not be afraid of crying children. When a child is crying because he doesn’t have a purpose, parents can try to distract the child and let him put his mind on something else. In short, as long as the child is not hurt, when he was crying do not meet his demands, otherwise the child will be insatiable. Or before the child should do one thing, give him two choices, let the children make their own decisions, and learn to take responsibility for their own decisions. For example, the children want to watch TV after dinner and then do homework, then parents can let the children choose to watch TV for 20 minutes to do homework, or after the completion of the work to watch TV minutes. I love it – watching TV, playing mobile phone computer painting相关的主题文章: