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"5" exposure singer lineup poster Stefanie Sun Pu Shu rumor circulated on the Internet "singer" silhouette posters of Stefanie Sun fans the first time Pu Shu administrative micro-blog rumor rumor broker Sina online entertainment news recently, a group of suspected "I am a singer 5" lineup silhouette posters were exposed, then the media have concluded the fifth season starting line-up for the singer Stefanie Sun [micro-blog] Angela Chang, [micro-blog], Pu Shu, David Tao, Emil Chau, Ding Dang [micro-blog], He Jie [micro-blog], justin. In this regard, Sina entertainment contact program group for verification, the program group responded that the poster and the list is false. Stefanie Sun, Pu Shu also denied this rumor. The first time Stefanie Sun fans administrative micro-blog Bo said "Yanzi will not participate in the I’m a singer. Unscrupulous speculation we look like. Not about ", denied rumors. Pu Shu agent micro-blog issued a warning, ah, this is a bit too, ah, said the same with the real, who let you hair ah? Is not entirely true, not all do not believe rumors do not pass rumors to forget? Be careful not to eat back." "I am a singer" as the first quarter of each year to broadcast the program, this year has been broadcast four seasons. Fifth quarter without the broadcast, the guest lineup on the audience speculation. In this year’s Hunan satellite TV investment conference, the program producer revealed that director Hong Tao is flying around the world invited singer. (commissioning editor: Jun Weng fishing)相关的主题文章: