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4 year old boy was killed on the spot the truck rolling overloaded truck accident 70 tons – Beijing, 4 year old boy was killed on the spot of the accident truck truck rolling overload containing 30 tons of nuclear pulled hundreds of tons in September 10th at 8 o’clock in the morning, Haikou Lingshan, 223 state line road and Xian cloud occurred at the intersection with tragic traffic accident. A 4 year old boy, was hit by a large truck loaded with stones, was left on the left side of the vehicle has been run over the wheel, causing death on the spot 11. Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Xu Peipei – the mother of the child: their children play ran out of the wheel from her over the died on the spot of the accident is a Lu H license heavy semi-trailer towing vehicle, pull the car full of pebbles. The driver Tanmou said, he is from Tunchang pull stones to Haikou, there are two drivers night shift pull goods on this car, he is at 7 on the morning of the night, in the first times live in. Tanmou said, from the highway down, traveling to the section of the incident, the speed of about 40 kilometers per hour. At that time he was driving on the left side of the road, the right side of a car in front of him, a child came running across the road. In Tanmou see children, the two sides have a distance of 4 meters, and then the child’s attention on the car just opened, Tanmou said he immediately the emergency brake, but it was too late, the child was instantly involved in the vehicle, rolling wheels were changed. Traffic police rushed to the scene after the case, the control of a tan, and sent to the hospital for blood tests. According to the judgment Tanmou only physical description and children, this is a 4 year old boy. Until nearly 2 pm, the police found the child’s family. That child accident, family grief. According to the child’s mother introduced their family from Guangdong to Xuwen, to do business selling poultry markets in the vicinity of the. The day before the accident, the son of his father had something to go back home, busy in the market, the mother had no time to take care of the child, the child ran out when he was playing. The overloaded truck containing 30 tons of nuclear pulled hundreds of tons of police were weighed to check on the vehicle, the car containing 30 tons of nuclear large trucks, truck was in about 100 tons. Over 100% overload, reached the highest level of overload." Police investigators said, the car tail box trailer and heightening the illegal modification of the suspects, the police have to the vehicle itself and the scene of the accident investigation situation for further investigation. Daily economic news reporter noted that the incident did not cross the zebra crossing and traffic lights, but there is a subway line next to the ground, but the outside hung the channel maintenance forbidden passage brand. Reporter walked into the channel found that there is no maintenance personnel. People around the street still choose "bothered" way. Reporters interviewed a number of people, they are not aware of this near the underground passage. Some people said, even if that is reluctant to go to the underground passage, because there is dark, scary."相关的主题文章: